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Middle School, 6-8

Middle school students develop academic and social skills at Laurel Springs.

As students progress into their middle school years, our college prep program builds self-esteem and lays the groundwork for high school. Students in 6th through 8th grades can select project-based, text or online courses or may choose a combination of curriculum options as needed to create an optimal learning experience. In addition, beginning in 7th grade, students are eligible to join our online social network and clubs.

The middle school counselor plays a key role in keeping students focused and on track toward academic success. Counselors address the academic, personal and social needs of the students, promote programs that engage and support students, collaborate with the student’s teachers, write recommendation letters, and help students and families prepare for high school.  In this way, the counselor builds a relationship throughout middle school to help bridge the transition to high school that may be difficult for some students.

Our middle school program offers students the option to accelerate and prepare for the rigor of high school.  This program strives to provide personal, social and academic support to all middle school families through the enhancement of student, parent and school personnel connections, and increased opportunities for student socialization and parental support networking.  Students can take a high school level course and earn credit that applies toward their high school graduation. At the onset of their high school experience, they receive academic and college guidance from a counselor to ensure they are on track to achieve their post-secondary goals.  The middle school program allows high school-level course credit based upon academic need, and club admission.  In their last year of middle school, students also receive a high school academic plan.

Join us for our next virtual open house to learn more about how Laurel Springs School can be an excellent match for your family.

National Junior Honor Society

The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) was founded to acknowledge outstanding middle school students.  NJHS honors students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, character and citizenship.  The Laurel Springs chapter of the NJHS is open to all eligible students, beginning in 7th grade, who meet scholastic and character requirements.  NJHS not only recognizes students for their accomplishments but challenges them to continue their achievements through active involvement in school activities and community service.

Mentoring Program

The Laurel Springs Link Crew Connections is a mentoring program that connects 7th & 8th grade students with high school students to provide a network of support.  Middle school students who choose to participate in Link Crew are assigned a high school student mentor based on their specific goals and needs. Mentors provide support, guidance, assistance and friendship to help middle school students as they prepare for their transition to high school.  Students who participate in Link Crew feel a sense of involvement and community.

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