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School Counseling

School Counselors provide important support for full-time students.

Academic Plan

The academic plan is the result of a collaborative process between the family, admissions office and school counseling department.  The process ensures that students’ specific needs and goals are addressed to help them attain academic success.

The academic plan recommends carefully-tailored placement options based on the student’s talents, skills and educational experiences.  The school counseling department reviews the proposed academic plan and makes adjustments or recommendations for course selection to meet the student’s goals.

Middle School Counseling Services

Using a developmental approach, the middle school counselor strives to empower students to obtain their personal, social, and academic goals through the enhancement of student, parent and staff connections, and increased opportunities for student socialization. Counselors address the academic, personal, and social needs of students, collaborate with the student’s teachers, write recommendation letters, and help students and their families prepare for high school.

Middle school counseling services also include advising students and providing resources in regards to career exploration and development, providing support, and assisting students with their academic success by providing resources on time management. The middle school counselor also collaborates with the high school counseling team to address important topics throughout the year through informational webinars. Working together with the high school team helps promote a smooth transition into high school.

The middle school counselor plays a key role in keeping students focused on academic success. In preparation for high school, 8th graders receive academic and college guidance to ensure they are on track to achieve their post-secondary goals. In their last year of middle school, students also receive a high school academic plan.

Mentoring Program

Laurel Springs Link Crew Connections is a mentoring program that connects 8th grade and high school students to provide a network of support.  Eighth grade students who choose to participate in Link Crew are assigned a high school student mentor based upon their specific goals and needs. Mentors provide support, guidance, assistance, and friendship to help 8th grade students as they prepare for their transition to high school.  In addition, members have the opportunity to create a collaborative newsletter that focuses on their 8th grade experience, where they can share their skills in art and writing.  Students who participate in Link Crew feel a sense of involvement and community.

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