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Online high school students gather together to celebrate graduationOur school offers exceptional course and curriculum options for the college-bound student.

Student-teacher interaction makes our courses dramatically different from other online high school options. Students participate in a consistent dialogue with their teachers about coursework. At Laurel Springs, our teachers grade each assignment individually and provide specific feedback and insights into how students can improve their work.

Our mastery-based learning model allows teachers to make corrections and suggestions to students during the lessons and to ask for revisions, so that students may improve their understanding of subject matter. Our approach to education is dynamic, including innovative learning activities, multiple authentic assessment opportunities, and standards-based proficiency testing.

College Prep and Honors Courses

Laurel Springs offers online and textbook-based curriculum options. Our online high school courses combine the dynamic interactivity of the web with on- and off-line assignments. Our courses feature materials carefully chosen for their academic quality and suitability for a wide range of learning styles. College prep courses have been carefully designed so that successful completion prepares students for college level courses at the most demanding colleges and universities. In addition, our online high school provides a wide range of Honors courses which meet the needs of college-bound students seeking a challenging academic curriculum in a distance learning environment.  The Honors program takes college prep courses to the next level by focusing on critical thinking, research and writing skills, and creative application of ideas. For Honors prerequisites, browse our catalog.

Advanced Placement Courses

Our school provides a wide variety of Advanced Placement (AP) courses, enabling students to take college-level courses and exams and earn college credit or placement while still in high school. Advanced Placement programs emphasize vocabulary  development, critical thinking, problem solving, expository writing, and research. Excellent AP exam scores enable many Laurel Springs graduates to be exempt from entry level courses in college. Advanced Placement courses include a series of live exam prep sessions in April.

“I have had a great experience with my AP courses at Laurel Springs. All of my teachers were knowledgeable and accessible. They allowed me to work at my own pace, but were always quick to respond to anything I may have needed. The coursework was reasonably challenging, but my stress level was usually low.”

– Laurel Springs Student

“The AP U.S. History course helped me discover what path I want to take in life. I realized that film history is critical to the study of history, and so I have decided that I want to become a moving image archivist.”

– Laurel Springs Student

Advanced Placement programs emphasize vocabulary development, critical thinking, problem solving, expository writing, and research. Click here to view our selection of High School AP courses.

University of California a-g Approved Courses

Since 1998, Laurel Springs School has offered University of California a-g approved courses.  The University of California and Board of Regents have a set of rigorous criteria by which they evaluate courses for approval.  If upon enrollment at Laurel Springs, you know that your child plans to apply to a University of California college, please tell your admissions coordinator and school counselor. Our team will work with your family to ensure that your child’s academic plan is created with attention to UC standards.

National Honor Society

Laurel Springs School is proud to have been the first private online high school to establish a chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS). Membership in the NHS is based on academic achievement and service within the community, as well as personal character and leadership. The Laurel Springs Chapter of the National Honor Society provides a unique forum in which the student leaders of our school can participate in service learning projects. For our NHS school project, first-year members address global environmental concerns. This program gives members the opportunity to explore and exemplify what it means to be global citizens and stewards of the planet through specific environmental activities. Members complete service hours and are given high school credit upon completion of their course work.

“The NHS community service program focused my energies and provided me with a more organized perspective for my community service. The environmental course broadens my perspective on human progress, which should use resources from the environment in a sustainable manner.”

– Laurel Springs Student

“I think focusing on the values of NHS – scholarship, leadership, service and citizenship – are important to everyone in the school and can frame all of our other projects. This year, my NHS community service is being a mentor in the new Link Crew Mentor Program, which is a peer mentoring program that matches high school and 8th grade students. My role is to offer advice, help them with goal setting, and be a friend.”

– Laurel Springs Student

Since its inception in 1929, the National Honor Society has recognized outstanding high school students whose accomplishments go beyond excellent academic performance and include exceptional leadership, service and character qualities. Laurel Springs School shares these values, and our school calendar includes a special National Honor Society induction ceremony that takes place once a year in Southern California. Our online high school students gather together with faculty, staff, and families to celebrate their achievements.

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    All of my teachers were knowledgeable and accessible. They allowed me to work at my own pace, but were always quick to respond to anything I may have needed. The coursework was reasonably challenging, but my stress level was usually low.
    - Laurel Springs Student