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Learning Styles

Laurel Springs is dedicated to ensuring that the curriculum matches the student, rather than the student matching the curriculum.

The learning styles model of education is a student-centered approach to learning which acknowledges the natural rhythms of childhood, the child’s innate love of learning, and the unique talents inherent in each child.

“We believe that every child is a living treasure with the ability to demonstrate genius. The best learning environment is one that is nurturing and supportive. We honor the uniqueness of each of our students and appreciate the myriad of learning styles they present to us.”
– Marilyn Mosley Gordanier
Founder, Laurel Springs School

Laurel Springs combines five unique learning assessments to help create a dynamic portrait of the child. This portrait informs choice of curriculum, mode of curriculum delivery, and provides valuable information to our teachers regarding instructional preferences. Understanding learning styles allows us to take an organic approach, based on each child’s unique pace of development and strengths. The learning team consists of parents, teachers, and staff who provide a strong foundation of support and who are aware of student’s developmental stages.

While most educators are familiar with the terms auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learners, our learning styles model expands the concept to include how children think, what motivates them to learn, their interests, talents, and even the environment in which they learn best. This is a system based upon the belief that each style of learning is valid, unique, and important. Our teachers work as a team with students and parents, emphasizing strengths rather than weaknesses. Laurel Springs is dedicated to ensuring that the curriculum matches the child, rather than the child matching the curriculum.

Application of Learning Styles

When we understand the approach that works best for each learning style, we ensure that the model matches the child, rather than forcing the child to match the model. Leveraging learning style enhances motivation and commitment to learning. Children’s self-esteem grows when they participate in a learning process that affirms their interests and talents.

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  • Learning Styles (both K-8 and High School)

    When you fit your electives and your interests to your learning style with the help of education specialists, suddenly learning is what you do naturally. I am a hands-on, visual learner, and Laurel Springs offered ways to make me see how great that is, too.
    - Laurel Springs Student