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Our online clubs are a key part of our virtual school community, deepening relationships and providing students with the opportunity to work collaboratively. Clubs offer our students the opportunity to socialize with other students who share the same interests, talents and goals. Students gather in a stimulating, inviting and secure online environment, where they can talk to each other in real time and dive more deeply into subjects that interest them. Students work together on club projects and activities, with the guidance of experienced, dynamic teachers. Examples of clubs which may be active at any given time are described below:

Art ClubArt Club

Students will look at various types of artwork, share their own works and put together a virtual art newsletter to be shared with the school via MyLS.
Book ClubBook Club

Club members will choose books to read each month and will meet for a lively discussion.
Craft ClubBusiness Sports Club

The goal of the club is to show members what opportunities there are in the sports world while furthering their interest in the sports industry as a whole.
Craft ClubCraft Club

Students will learn about the historical and cultural backgrounds surrounding: knit, crochet, needle point, embroidery and weave techniques along with other hand crafts. In addition, students will learn the basics of each craft, work on projects in each area, and present finished projects.
Creative Thinking ClubCreative Thinking Club

Students will have an opportunity to think outside the box. We will have a variety of creative exercises during the meetings, complete tasks individually, and report back with results.
Creative Writing and Photography ClubCreative Writing, Poetry and Photography Club

Club members make up the staff of the Laurel Springs Vision and Voices Magazine published at the end of each semester. The club is for students who enjoy writing and reading poetry, fiction and non-fiction, and submitting photography to be published. Improve your creativity through peer editing and a monthly meeting.
Debate ClubDebate Club

Club members meet, are provided a topic, and have to take either the pro or con position. Students are given a few minutes to do research, gather their arguments, and then debate the topic until consensus is reached.
Environment ClubEnvironmental Club

This club is for those who love nature, the Earth, and seek to find a closer connection with the Earth and the environment; individually and as a community.
Equestrian ClubEquestrian Club

Members of this club have a love for horses and/or riding, from beginners to experienced riders. There are no requirements except for the shared love of horses. Students participate in discussions, exhibit their performances, develop and participate in group projects. Members will enjoy a place to share their love of horses, meet, and have fun without the stress of competition!
Film ClubFashion Club

Students will explore the fashion world, latest trends, share their own original designs and get feedback/support from other fashionistas.
Film ClubFilm and Theatre Club

This club is open to students who have an interest in stage theatre or the art of filmmaking. Discuss and learn various aspects of theatre and film including character development, script/screen writing and presentation. Expertise or previous experiences are not pre-requisites for this club; whether you’re just starting out or already on your way, your participation is encouraged!
French ClubFrench Club

French students will enjoy a real experience of French, France, and the French-speaking world in a very interactive environment. Use your skills already acquired in the language and go on a discovery journey of France, its landscapes and all aspects of its culture.
French ClubGardening Club

Students will get their hands dirty as they learn how to start, plan and maintain a garden. They’ll share hints, tips and ideas for maintaining their plants.
Model United NationsModel United Nations Club

This club engages in an authentic simulation of the UN by learning about the UN system, skills of debate, compromise, conflict resolution and negotiation. Model UN team members have fun learning about the workings of world diplomacy through the lens of current events.
Music ClubMusic Club

The music club is open those who love, create or live for music. Celebrate, educate, support, inspire, create, listen to and express your love of the spirit of music.
Songbirds ClubSongbirds Club

This club is for students who aspire to perform, record, and share their music. Our goal is to enjoy the musical offerings of each participant and give constructive feedback when it is invited. Students will learn techniques associated with recording, performance, voice, lyricism and instrument arrangement. Moreover, we will explore ideas of sound, song, genres of music and collaborate to create pieces of music together.
Songbirds ClubTravel Club

Students will have the chance to share their personal travel experiences, pictures, advice and tips. They will also explore other places they may wish to visit in the future.

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