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Teacher Services

teacher servicesOur school provides personalized teacher service for every student.

Students have access to their own teachers who guide families through the learning process by personalizing courses to meet student needs and offering ongoing support and feedback. Laurel Springs teachers are fully qualified, experienced professionals, many of whom possess an advanced degree and learning styles training.

Keeping in Touch and Providing Support

Teachers keep in frequent contact with students and parents, responding to questions through our interactive grade book, phone, email, video conferencing, and virtual classrooms. Teachers set the learning tone through a welcome letter and video when a student enrolls in a course. This personal introduction allows the teacher to connect with the student, setting up guidelines for communication, and offering support for student success. In order to support the learning and strategies for student success, the student’s teachers also keep in contact with each other.

Live Support and Interaction

A live support virtual class room is available so that students can receive help in their coursework from a Laurel Springs teacher. Our school hosts the LSS Live virtual classroom which provides synchronous, academic guidance for all students and families. Synchronous, online, content-specific iClasses are provided on a weekly basis per content area to enrich student learning in a group setting, giving students the opportunity to interact with each other virtually. With students in more than 60 countries, this approach inspires our students to become active learners who think independently, communicate effectively, and see themselves as members of a global community.


All Laurel Springs teachers offer personalization of our curriculum to meet the individual needs of each student by enhancing assignments to better suit a student’s unique learning style. An example of personalization would be when a student has read an assigned book the previous year. In this case, the teacher may let the student substitute another book of equal or greater academic content value, and an appropriate assessment will be created by the teacher for the student to demonstrate mastery and insight of the key ideas. A teacher can change a certain amount of the course in this personalization process. This is not an elimination of parts of the course, but rather an alternative delivery or assignment which maintains the integrity and standards of the course.


When a family desires a more substantial change to the curriculum, customization is available. This process is initiated by families contacting their Admissions Coordinator who arranges for a consultation with our Customization Manager. The student’s learning style profile results and supporting assessment data are reviewed, taking students’ interests and learning necessities into consideration, culminating in the creation of a specialized learning plan by the Customization Manager. The learning plan clearly states the academic plan for enrollment in each course. Due to the additional resources that are applied, an additional fee is involved for customized courses.

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