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How It Works

how it worksThe Laurel Springs high-touch approach is different from other online schools.

While successful online learning depends on sophisticated technology, it’s really all about people. Effective online learning depends on a cohesive educational team: parents committed to playing a strong supportive role, dedicated teachers who are experts in online learning, and students who are motivated to develop effective learning and time management skills.

See what parents and students have to say about their Laurel Springs experience.

The Laurel Springs learning management system (LMS) is the tool that facilitates the learning process for teachers, students and families. We have the knowledgeable and caring staff and teachers who can always help with ideas and support to make distance learning work for each family.

When families first consider Laurel Springs, they are often unfamiliar with an online school setting and wonder how it can work for them. Most Laurel Springs families eventually wonder why they did not start with our program sooner.

Join us for our next Virtual Open House to learn more about our online school can be an excellent match for your family.

“I was in the middle of a move and had no desire to try a new public school. So I decided to give Laurel Springs a try for a year or so, and it turned out that I liked it too much to go back to public school. I met great people through the forums and learned a lot in my lessons. My only regret is that I didn’t try LSS from the beginning.”
– Laurel Springs Student

Our online courses are delivered asynchronously, meaning that students may access their lessons at any time. The curriculum is embedded with a strong teacher voice that allows students to take ownership of their own learning. Our electronic grade book provides 24/7 access to each student’s progress and archives past quizzes and tests that can be reviewed online at any time. We encourage you to view the introduction to how our learning management system works, found on the right side of this page.

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