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The Laurel Springs School orientation experience helps our families feel supported and informed.

Our online orientation resources are designed to serve as a roadmap to provide the necessary information to ensure that each student has a rich and positive experience. During orientation, families learn how students can get involved in collaborative learning opportunities such as student council (grades 7-12) and apply for admission to our chapters of the National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society. Students in grades K-12 benefit from extracurricular clubs, and find dynamic educational and social experiences at our private online social network.

The Laurel Springs orientation helps each student create a personal schedule and time management plan based on individual needs, learning style, and extra-curricular commitments.  Students also learn how to navigate through their courses and the grade book in order to maximize their learning experience.  The orientation includes guidelines and expectations that help students understand how to achieve success within the flexible and supportive Laurel Springs learning environment.

The orientation also explains our teacher services, including monthly teacher office hours that ensure your student spends time speaking directly to his or her teacher. We value your feedback and participation in our educational community, so please communicate regularly with your student’s teacher, admissions coordinator, and our Student Support Services Department. Our Student Services Department keeps office hours each weekday using a virtual classroom platform, to help troubleshoot and answer questions. 

We provide resources and live online sessions to help families become familiar with our learning tools, teacher services, technology and social life.

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