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Student Role

Laurel Springs School encourages the development of successful students.

Student Role at Laurel Springs SchoolLaurel Springs School acknowledges the specific role that students play in their own education at each stage of child development. Instead of perceiving students as passive members of the learning team, our school understands the benefits of encouraging children to become active members of that team, along with their parents and teachers. Students’ educational responsibility increases gradually as they progress through each grade level at Laurel Springs.

Grades K-8

Parents play a vital role during elementary school, but ultimately, students are responsible for demonstrating that they understand the material. Students work with their parents and teachers to progress through the curriculum at their own pace, using our competency-based model of education. When they have questions, our teachers are available to help clarify concepts and expand a child’s understanding of the lesson. Laurel Springs recommends that students in kindergarten through grade 3 spend at least one to two hours on schoolwork; and students in grades 4-5 spend two to four hours on schoolwork each day.

During middle school, the student’s role in their education increases. In these grades, Laurel Springs students complete assignments with a higher level of self-sufficiency, and assume more responsibility for their academic success. Middle school students can enjoy a balanced educational experience by incorporating their own interests into curricular projects, and they also enjoy the social opportunities provided by the private social network and many clubs offered by Laurel Springs. Our students in grades 6-8 typically spend between three to five hours each day on schoolwork, depending on their involvement in clubs and/or elective courses.

High School

At Laurel Springs, the high school years require the highest level of academic responsibility for students. Our high school students learn time management skills in order to achieve their goals. By developing a well-defined set of academic priorities, our high school students become accountable for taking notes, refining study skills, and meeting deadlines for assignments. Laurel Springs recommends that high school students spend four to five hours on schoolwork each day. The amount of time students spend on coursework can vary depending on the level of courses they are taking (AP, Honors, gifted and talented, etc.), their chosen electives, and the number of clubs in which they participate. The process of building personal accountability and academic responsibility creates independent students who are well prepared to enter their college of choice. At the high school level, Laurel Springs School requires students to have a non-family member serve as a proctor for some final exams.

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