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College Bound

Laurel Springs prepares students to excel in college. 

A Laurel Springs education is centered around the essence of a college preparatory experience.  Our students’ SAT scores are above the national average, and 91% of our students go on to college.  Students who are already independent learners thrive on the opportunity to move at their own pace. Other students gain valuable experience in taking responsibility and creating their own goals.

The Laurel Springs college prep online high school experience allows students to develop valuable skills in time management.  Because students play a greater role in their own academic success than they would in most traditional schools, our students learn to manage multiple assignments, help create their own schedule of lessons and study plans, and ensure that teachers are aware of any questions or challenges that may arise.  As a result, our students are uniquely prepared to succeed in their post-secondary education and career experiences.

“Laurel Springs was a great learning experience and prepared me for the real world by teaching me how to be self-motivated and accomplish tasks on time and efficiently, without a completely structured environment like a regular school.”

- Laurel Springs graduate

Because an academic plan is tailored to meet the individual needs of each Laurel Springs student, there is an unusual opportunity for students to nurture and grow their own sense of intrinsic motivation as they pursue academic goals.  This internal drive results in a personal sense of pride and accomplishment in achievements both inside and outside the classroom.  A strong sense of self-motivation serves students well as they continue their studies after graduating from Laurel Springs.

“The defining quality of Laurel Springs is that it allows one to have a voice within their own learning experience. Laurel Springs may provide each student with materials, teachers, and lesson-plans but it also, more importantly, gives students unprecedented independence to expand upon their education. The teachers provide guidance, advice, and assistance but the true extent to which students learn is determined by the students themselves.”

- Laurel Springs student

Our dedication to providing a premier college preparatory education for our students differentiates us from other online schools.  We are focused on offering the highest-quality educational experience that prepares students for success at the most selective colleges and universities.  Because our students graduate from Laurel Springs with strong time management skills and a well-developed sense of personal motivation, they are uniquely-situated for success in college and in life.

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  • College Bound

    Laurel Springs has been incredibly valuable in developing who I am as a young woman. It has equipped me with the tools to be an independent thinker and an active learner.
    - Laurel Springs Student