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Home School

Home school families partner with Laurel Springs to enhance their learning experiences.

Laurel Springs Homeschool FamiliesWe are dedicated to providing your child with personalized curriculum, caring teachers, and a philosophy of education that honors each child’s gifts and talents. We provide you with the peace of mind of a fully accredited school with curriculum and highly qualified teachers. Home school parents can enrich the curriculum and incorporate local resources, but do not themselves have to be an expert on every subject.

We believe that there is an endless source of inspiration and learning available to children within their very own home. Laurel Springs School has created curriculum and committed to the mission of helping home school families succeed at distance learning. We believe that life experiences are part of every child’s education and consider life and learning to be one and the same.

“My boys have been home schooled for their entire education. I was hesitant to turn over this control to a school when they began high school at Laurel Springs School. Much to my delight I did not give up control but found a wonderful, nurturing environment in the LSS teachers and staff who share our desire for the highest quality of education, character development and self expression. You have maintained that intrinsic value of learning for knowledge’s sake and not just for a grade.”
– Laurel Springs Parent

At Laurel Springs, we take your child’s interests, abilities, talents and style of learning into consideration when designing curriculum choices for him or her. Our goal is to develop a home school program that fits your child intellectually, emotionally, and developmentally. Seal of Approval 2015We regularly connect with our home school families by participating in home school conferences throughout the U.S. These conferences include: the Florida Parent-Educators Assocation (FPEA) Conference, the Washington Homeschool Organization (WHO) Convention, the Southeast Homeschool Expo, and the Texas Homeschool Coalition (THSC) Convention.


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