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Single Course Enrollments

Laurel Springs offers a wide range of College Prep, AP, Honors and world language courses that are convenient and flexible.

Laurel Springs provides students with the opportunity to earn credit in College Prep, AP, Honors, and World Language courses, enabling students to complete graduation requirements or prerequisites while continuing to attend their primary school program. Students can take their classes anywhere they have an Internet connection, ensuring flexibility for a busy schedule. Teachers provide students with a personalized and teacher-guided course of study.

Because our college prep courses include full teacher services and individualized grading, most of our courses are NCAA and University of California a-g approved.  Laurel Springs has an excellent record of its courses being accepted by a student’s primary school for credit and for admission to colleges.

How it Works:  Single Course Enrollments

To enroll in a course, students must meet prerequisites, and obtain their school’s approval to receive credit. Students should contact their school counselor and get permission to take a Laurel Springs course. The following form must be completed to receive approval from the student’s current school: Concurrent Enrollment Request Form.

The student’s primary school is responsible for maintaining student records and updating transcripts to reflect courses completed through Laurel Springs School. Upon request, the Laurel Springs registrar will forward the official transcript of all courses completed through our program. We invite you to explore the advantages that Laurel Springs offers by watching our 10-minute School Tour or viewing our School Profile.

See single course tuition below.

Honors, Lab or World LanguagePersonal Project, PE or PortfoliosAdvanced Placement
Full Year$990$1,190$500$1,540

Visit this page for the latest pricing information.  Prices are subject to change.

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