A Look into the 2020-21 School Year


online schooling method

After the state of traditional schooling was shaken up last spring, this new school year may have had everyone questioning what was going to happen. Would school be all online? Would we have to go back with masks? How will the schedule change? How will we make it work

The Hybrid Model

There are the schools that decided to break things up a bit. On some days, all classes would be held online. Kids were equipped with the required technology to log into a certain learning management system and their attendance is taken virtually. On other days, some students would go into the building to take classes while following new health and safety guidelines: masks, sanitizers, no changing classrooms, etc. 

Different districts have different guidelines. Even the same district may have different rules for different grades. Scheduling depends on days of the week, last names, or other stipulations. If health and safety concerns arise, the schedule may change again. While this may not describe your particular hybrid method, the question remains: does it satisfy your needs?

The Laurel Springs model consists of asynchronous classes with prompt, personalized feedback. Students schedule school around their personal life and activities. Teachers are available during office hours and respond to questions via the learning management system, phone, or email. There’s a wide variety of live iClasses, clubs, and other activities to enrich learning. Instead of wondering what the day, week, month, or rest of the year will bring, families set their own course and always rely on the support from teachers, counselors, and student services.

The Online Method

Some schools decided to go all-in online for the first few months of school. Kids in all grades had to find a place to set up their new learning space. In bedrooms, living rooms, and even kitchens across the country, new desks appeared and the work-from-home parents shared their offices with their kids. Zoom meetings last all day or for a few hours, depending on grade level. Assignments are turned in via email or learning management software. Some kids are requested to not wear pajamas on screen. Your 2020-2021 back-to-school picture may not have looked exactly like this, but again, how’s it all working out so far?

Laurel Springs has been in the distance education space for 30 years. We’re already fully prepared to provide a flexible learning experience for students, from kindergarten through grade 12 and beyond, establishing foundational pathways for academic, career, and personal success. Even though a majority of the learning takes place online, there are a variety of social offerings and community connection opportunities to open up a wider world to students and their families.

The In-School Method

Districts that decided to reopen and allow kids to return to the classroom also received a makeover. Desks are spaced further apart. Learning stations include plastic partitions. Students are given a folding chair to take with them to another class. Teachers move between classrooms instead of the kids. Some teachers can also work from home in order to connect with their students who decide to work remotely or in class. Again, the reopening of schools may look different in your district, but the real question is, how does it feel to you?

How Can Laurel Springs Help?

No matter what your current school situation looks like, you should know there are alternatives. Laurel Springs offers a diverse curriculum taught by experienced instructors that interact with students while they’re all in the comfort of home. Our student-centered approach is intentionally designed to cultivate inquiry, growth, and purpose beyond the classroom, engaging global learners in a private school education that supports them as individuals and sets them on a path to pursue their passions. 

After evaluating your level of satisfaction with your current school situation, consider all that Laurel Springs can offer. With our rolling admissions process, it’s never too late to enroll your child. With our innovative learning opportunities, you’ll be glad you made the switch. Contact us to learn more about how Laurel Springs can satisfy the needs of your family.