Alumni Spotlight: Camila Vicioso Dances it Out


When Laurel Springs alumna, Camila Vicioso graduated in 2017, she decided to defer her enrollment to Columbia University for two years. She spent this time taking her dance hobby to a more professional level. Little did she know, her online learning experience at Laurel Springs was about to set her up for even more success. 

Just Keep Dancing

Dance has always been one of Camila’s passions. Not only did Laurel Springs’ flexible school schedule allow her to keep up with an intense ballet schedule, but she also decided to take a few years in between high school and college to focus on her footwork. Dance continues to be a concentration for Camila, even while studying at Columbia. As a Psychology major on a pre-med track, she still builds ballet into her schedule. 

A Bit of Deja Vu

Just after Camila began her first year on Columbia’s campus, Covid came to town. However, when her studies moved online, Camila didn’t miss a beat. All the years of online learning at Laurel Springs not only prepared her for college, but it made the transition to this new version of virtual learning even easier. While some of her peers may have been struggling to make the switch, Camila was able to adjust and even picked up a few more hobbies, like biking, swimming, cooking, and playing with new pets. 

An Added Alumni Bonus

In addition to an excellent education and preparation for real-world experiences, Laurel Springs offers alumni another perk—a way to stay in contact. LSS Alumni Connect is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s a way to catch up with friends with a common link, and Camila is certainly on board. “I was excited to be able to connect with my high school and also learn about what other LSS alumni are doing now. This platform is valuable to me because I am able to maintain and create relationships with LSS alumni. It is also helpful to share experiences and opportunities with each other. The LSS community in particular is composed of people with such varied, interesting, and inspiring experiences.”

All Laurel Springs alum are welcome to join. Simply register for LSS Alumni Connect and start catching up with your peers today. 


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