Celebrating One Year with LSS Alumni Connect: Part 1


By Alyssa Polakowski, College & Alumni Relations Manager

With a global alumni community of nearly 5,000 graduates, Laurel Springs School has been engaging online learners worldwide with an education that values their passions and pursuits and fosters mastery, growth, and independence for over 30 years. Our success hinges on building support systems and relationships from the time a student enrolls, to graduation, and beyond. One year ago, the Alumni Association launched LSS Alumni Connect, a digital network exclusively for Laurel Springs graduates. This platform provides a new way for alumni to reconnect with peers, network with industry professionals, engage in career services and events, participate in mentoring relationships, and much more.

A Year of Growth

Introduced during a year when graduates and professionals were facing uncertainty and craving human interaction, LSS Alumni Connect has reached nearly 400 registered members located across the U.S. and in more than 20 different countries.  The network continues to grow each day and the most active members are young alumni; in fact, over 90% of registered users have graduated from LSS within the past decade. These alumni are working hard to earn college degrees or to make a positive contribution in their chosen career field. In the charts below you can see the universities represented on the platform with the highest number of LSS graduates, along with the most popular academic fields of study, career industries, and areas of interest.

New Levels of Engagement 

The implementation of LSS Alumni Connect resulted in new types of alumni engagement over the past year, including the formation of the Laurel Springs Alumni Council, composed of 11 dedicated graduates serving as ambassadors to help further grow and develop the alumni association. We also caught up with 13 alumni who were featured as a part of our monthly Meet Our Alumni Monday spotlight series.  Additionally, alumni Kate M., Victoria R., and Vlad R. hosted Instagram Takeovers to answer questions and show what a day in each of their lives looks like, collectively resulting in over 1600 views. Last but certainly not least, alumni Laurel H. and Zola B. took the virtual stage as guest speakers at the Academy Symposium Speaker Series and spoke to current students on topics such as public policy, social justice, climate change, and environmental science. Laurel Springs graduates are active, valuable members of the community well past graduation. The alumni association is proud to showcase their accomplishments and is thankful for their support during a monumental year!

Valuable Opportunities 

Newly created virtual alumni events and workshops held this past year allowed Laurel Springs graduates to meet and learn together. Opportunities included a winter-themed hangout in December and an interactive educational workshop which featured expert entrepreneurial panelists in March. Significant to note, the highly anticipated first annual Alumni Reunion was held virtually in June for past and recent graduates to share their accomplishments and experiences. From the comfort of their homes or wherever they are located globally, Laurel Springs graduates can learn about valuable virtual and in-person event opportunities posted on LSS Alumni Connect.



Focused on the Future

Moving forward, the goal of the alumni association is to increase registration on LSS Alumni Connect where only these registered members will have access to exclusive opportunities, benefits, and perks. Registration is easy and membership is risk free in this digital space where graduates can choose their own level of involvement with the platform. For example, become a member in less than two minutes just to stay in the loop and receive career tips, or take it to the next level and actively find a mentor to get advice or attend any number of events. Think of LSS Alumni Connect as the virtual ice breaker tool of a members-only club. The platform is a safe space for alumni to reconnect or form new relationships with peers and professionals in an age when digital connectivity and networking are important to career advancement and achieving goals. While non-registered alumni will not have access to the exclusive programs, events, and services available to registered members, all alumni will continue to receive the Alumni Connect “Recap, Reconnect, Repeat” monthly newsletter and communication from the alumni association.

Setting the stage for the 2021-2022 school year, another exciting year is planned with even more educational, networking, and social opportunities to support and engage LSS alumni. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this blog where more information on what’s in store will be shared!

In the meantime, if you haven’t already done so, be sure to register on LSS Alumni Connect or simply update your contact information to stay connected via email!