Laurel Springs Offers Consistency, Flexibility, and More for Military Families Like the Millers



Asher Miller is a first-grader who has attended Laurel Springs since he was in Kindergarten. By the time Asher was 2 years old, he’d traveled to over 10 countries—and the travels continue for this active-duty military family. 
“You can’t always choose where you’re going to move,” says Asher’s mom Jenna, meaning they don't always have the option to choose Asher’s school. “We’ve been in some really great places, [and] we’ve been in some places that didn’t rank so high.” 
But since their time with Laurel Springs, they’ve felt more comfortable knowing Asher will receive a consistent, quality education that will prepare him for life. “If we found out tomorrow that we’d have to move, [Asher] can continue his education without change,” said Jenna.

How the Millers Found Laurel Springs

Throughout his life, Asher has relocated several times, sometimes even in the middle of the school year. Jenna wanted to eliminate as much transitional stress as she could for her son, and she didn’t want to risk him falling behind or trying to catch up between school curricula. She said, “He’s such a smart kid that I don’t want to deprive him of a good education because we get put somewhere where they don’t have the curriculum we’re looking for.”
Before coming to Laurel Springs, Asher attended a traditional school for Pre-K, but unfortunately, because Asher’s birthday is in October, he wasn’t old enough to enroll in Kindergarten right away. He had to wait until he was five, two months into the school year.
Once enrolled with Laurel Springs, Asher was able to finish the school year on time. “It…didn’t feel like I was doing a second job. Everything was laid out so simply," said Jenna.

Less Time Stressing About Moving, More Time with Family

Laurel Springs provides flexibility to the Millers for more quality family time than they would have if Asher was enrolled in a traditional school. The Millers don’t always get to see their extended families due to their lifestyle, but when they do, they know it won’t come at the expense of Asher’s education. “It’s been a real blessing,” says Jenna. “Our family bonding time may be on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, and you can’t pull a kid out of traditional school to do that.”

A Typical School Day for Asher

Jenna makes sure Asher has a balanced schedule of physical activity, education, and social interaction. Their day typically begins with a morning visit to the gym where Asher can play with other kids. Upon returning home, he begins his school work. He takes breaks for lunch and snack time, and then once he’s finished his assignments and projects, he completes his afternoon with reading and free-time (usually involving an art project or video games). By this time, the neighborhood kids are arriving home from traditional school, and Asher can join them outside for playtime. 
Asher is also involved in extracurricular activities. He takes a ninja training class once a week and participates in Laurel Springs' superhero and foodie clubs online.
Once Asher reaches second grade, his education can be fully online. “It’s a nice transition,” says Jenna. “He’s learning how to meet people online, use a microphone, and interact with other Laurel Springs students.” 
During their travels, Asher learns about other cultures and is getting a well-rounded experience. Having the ability to take classes online is preparing him with life skills that allow him to connect with others digitally and has met kids from all over the world. 
“Laurel Springs is really a good melting pot, just like our family,” Jenna concluded.
If you’re interested in offering your child a consistent learning experience with the flexibility to travel like the Millers, we’d love to speak with you. Give us a call today at (800) 377-5890.