Laurel Springs Students Rally Votes at Election Convention


election conventionAs we’re all aware, this is a very important election year. Not only are Americans gearing up to vote, but so are Laurel Springs students! Every year, a Student Government Election Convention is held before electing new LSS Student Officers. All of the candidates for different leadership positions—President, VP, Administrator, and Class Representatives—have the chance to share their experiences with their peers. Then, just like those of voting age, students must register to cast their votes. This year’s Election Convention will be held Thursday, October 29th, and all full-time LSS students are encouraged to register to vote today!

The Race Has Begun

In order to learn more about the roles of Student Government, we recently heard from current LSS Student Government (StuGo) President, Kelly Grace Richardson:

LS: Tell us about last year’s Election Convention. Do you think this year—as an actual election year—will be any different?

KG: Last year's Election Convention functioned like a real election where speeches were heard and the “future plans” were verbalized. Then, registered voters voted for who they believed was the most qualified! As an election year, I hope our voters continue to look at the experience of candidates as well as how their leadership style might fit with StuGo!

LS: How did you campaign for StuGo? What do you think helped gain your votes?

KG: LSS runs StuGo campaigns as a meritocracy and we only get one post on LSS Connect as our “campaign.” I’m a big believer in being myself and being honest, so I think my individuality really rang true for my supporters!

LS: Will you be running again this year? If so, have you revamped your campaign?

KG: I am most definitely running again this year! I have big plans if I become re-elected, as I would be the first ever StuGo President re-elected, and the first woman at that! My campaign will continue to showcase my honest achievements and bubbly personality while incorporating some new surprises as well. :)

LS: What were some of your duties as StuGo president? 

KG: My duties as StuGo president include running our monthly meetings, managing communications, leading projects, and delegating tasks to our other elected officers/appointees. I’ll also do background things like creating the slide deck, working with our club advisor, and helping with the Leadership Team meetings. Last year, I was the inaugural president who led the very first Leadership Summit for those interested in becoming a leader in StuGo!

The Future of Leadership

Laurel Springs Student Government focuses on real world leadership skills. This is evident in the ability to register to vote and the running of an Election Convention. Students in grades 7-12 vote in three elected officers, cabinet appointees, and representatives. The convention serves to teach students about how to properly campaign and gain an understanding of a respectful, collaborative voting process. Like Kelly Grace mentioned, those elected into office actively participate and learn about civic literacy, service of mindful leadership, reviewing and amending virtual campus by-laws, and executing community and global-oriented projects. Like all of the clubs Laurel Springs offers, StuGo provides an outlet for students with a certain passion and a drive to interact with their peers.

Students Have the Right to Choose

All full-time Laurel Springs students have a wide variety of clubs to choose from. Whether you’re passionate about animals and science or reading and writing—or both—there’s something for everyone in every grade level. Each club also elects student ambassadors to help facilitate live meetings and club communications. A LSS teacher acts as club advisor, but it’s the students who have the opportunity to shine. Take it from Kelly Grace, “if you are interested in (or somewhat nervous about) having a leadership position, remember that leadership doesn't always have a title. Simply being an active participant who contributes their time, energy, and ideas to a club is being a positive peer leader!”

Clubs are one more example of how Laurel Springs weaves online socialization with a diverse curriculum in order to provide a well-rounded education. Contact to learn more about what clubs are available and how students can join.