Laurel Springs Students Show Off Their Study Spaces


Where do you do your best work? Whether set-up at a desk, plopped down on the couch, or sitting in traffic while being shuttled between activities, Laurel Springs students recently shared the places and spaces where they choose to study. 

Where the Learning Happens

In the classroom, you don’t get a lot of freedom to design your workspace. Sure, you can make it your own with your favorite school supplies, but the teacher usually sets up the various workstations. When the classroom is at home, either in a bedroom, office, or other bonus area, you can add more personal touches to make it more your own. 

Having a comfortable spot to read, write, and study makes the process more enjoyable. Need some inspiration? Laurel Springs students shared pictures of their learning spaces on our Pinterest board. Many of the spots included similar features, like a desk, chair, organizational bins, and a window to bring in natural light. Some rooms contained items typically found in brick-and-mortar classrooms, like school desk/chair combinations and lockers. Other learning environments were quite unique, like the back seat of the family car on the way to another activity, or at the stables where one student’s horse is boarded. 

Let's See Those Study Spaces

As these images show, learning can happen anywhere. Here are some highlights:

Learning Space   Laurel Springs' 10th grader, Kathryn, from California has a set-up familiar to many online learners. "At home, my learning space is a desk in my room. This works for me because there is lots of light. I feel comfortable there. I also have lots of reminders in my room of what I am working towards." 

Learning Space


One sixth grade student didn’t want to miss out on decorating their middle school locker. "This is my workspace. I like it because it has colorful items, pictures, plants, and cool decor! I have a locker for my binders and books. Also I love to listen to music when I work, so I have a speaker!" 

Learning SpaceOther spaces are welcoming for students and animals alike. "[My learning space] incorporates my learning style because I do better with comfortable & quiet places that are visually interesting. Plus, school work is always more fun with your horse."

Learning Space


For a fourth grade figure skater, learning happens on and off the ice. "I train 5 hours daily to be a figure skater and study on breaks and before and after ice sessions at the rink...My education is very important to me as I hope to attend Harvard and continue on in Harvard Law School. I love training and studying in this way!!" 

Learning SpaceComfort is key for Laurel Springs middle school student, Vanessa, who has a comfortable chair for when she wants to relax a bit while working on assignments.

Check out the board for more sensational study spots. And for some tips on how to make your space more school-friendly, here are 5 Essentials of a Home Classroom.