Meet the Unstoppable Jordi Triulzi: Student-Athlete and Professional Alpine Skier


Laurel Springs alum and current University of Florida student Jordi Triulzi continues to balance life as a student-athlete, making strides as both a business administration major and a professional Alpine skier on the Spanish National Team.

Sports and academics have long been important to Jordi Triulzi. The 2019 Laurel Springs School alum and professional Alpine skier for the Spanish National Team has been racing most of his life, and is continuing to blaze his own trail in both his sport and his career.

The Italian-Spanish athlete says he came to a fork in the road at around age 16, when traveling for his sport became more demanding. Now a Business Administration major through University of Florida’s online business program, he continues to balance the life of a student-athlete and reflects on the ways Laurel Springs prepared him for his current adventure.

Opportunities and Challenges

“I decided to change schools and go to Laurel Springs the last two years of high school because I was going to travel more,” Jordi says. “I’m happy I made that choice.”

The Laurel Springs’s asynchronous model was what made the balance between athletics and academics possible, he reflects. He could plan his workload around his training and competition itinerary, which wasn’t really possible in the traditional school system.

Jordi also relished opportunities to show his mastery of certain subjects that didn’t necessarily come easy to him. AP English language and composition is the perfect example.

“That was a challenge for me because I’m a foreigner,” he says, noting that others may see this as a disadvantage and it was tough, no doubt. But, he says, with the help of Laurel Springs instructors and his own willingness to ask for additional assistance when he needed it, he mastered the concepts.

“My instructors were great because I needed some [extra] help every once in a while,” he explains. “They always answered my emails, addressed questions, and cleared my doubts. So I really enjoyed that course for sure.”

Jordi Triulzi Has a Growth Mindset

In the same way, he tackled difficult academic challenges in high school, Jordi conquered trials on the slopes. He was out of commission part of last year with a shoulder injury. But now he’s healed and getting his momentum back. His primary goal for this season? Improve his world ranking.

“That's my number one goal, as it’s the measure that really shows how an athlete has improved,” Jordi says.

He also has his sights set on earning National Junior Champion status for Spain.

As an individual sports athlete, you could say competition is part of who he is. He thrives on it in competitive situations. At the same time, his relationship with his rival athletes is not adversarial, but professional and full of admiration. There’s no shortage of inspirational stories among those in his sport.

“People who inspire me are those who’ve managed to make a little step that changes their life,” Jordi says. “And I am trying to be like them and trying to reach that level.”

Jordi says the physical feelings he derives from skiing offer their own type of unique inspiration. He offers a colorful analogy to explain the satisfaction of a solid race.

“It's like driving up a mountain,” he explains. “When you have a great car, the brakes work perfectly, and you feel like everything is flowing. So that feeling of flowing really keeps me going.”

A Citizen of the World

Jordi says he also gets a natural high from traveling. There’s no experience equal to meeting people from around the world and finding common bonds.

“It’s really nice to connect with people from different nationalities and different cultures,” Jordi says. “There's always something to discover about the people. It's great to really see how people from different countries have nice aspects that are different from one another, but you still manage to make great friends.”

Jordi manages to make friends wherever he goes, a trait that he hopes will continue to serve him well. Upon college graduation, he wants to find a way to marry skiing with travel. His field of study is marketing, and he’s intrigued with the idea of working for an international ski brand and using his cross-cultural skills to add value.

In the meantime, and whatever free time he can muster between skiing and school, he enjoys playing sports like beach volleyball and golf. He has also recently taken up playing the ukulele.

Laurel Springs is proud to be a part of Jordi’s story! We can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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