Our Teachers Inspire Individuality, Creativity, and Community at All Ages


It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, and we’re celebrating by featuring teachers from across our school. Our teachers are passionate individuals who strive to inspire students and always make a positive impact on them—pursuits definitely worth honoring.
Today, we are focusing on K-8 teachers, as well as Academy. These teachers constantly focus on their students’ needs, no matter the grade or course level and make communicating with students and families a priority every day. When asked about how their favorite teachers impacted them and what impact they would like to make on students, Laurel Springs teachers, Allison Kretschmer, Tracy Smith, Sarah Danny, and Nick Kaisharis share how their focus on individuality, creativity, and community in the classroom stems from and inspires a lifelong pursuit of academic growth and personal development.

The Individual Difference

[caption id="attachment_11771" align="alignleft" ]Kretschmer The Kretschmer Family[/caption]
Our focus on individualized learning not only attracts prospective families but draws teachers who acknowledge and embrace students’ different pursuits and passions, as well. Ms. Kretschmer explains how her fourth grade teacher, Ms. Crouch, inspired her to be a lifelong learner through encouragement and communication. “Her words have kept me motivated to achieve higher degrees and continue my education.” Ms. Kretschmer's experience drives her passion for education and commitment to “providing families and students with every resource they need to be successful in school.” Like Ms. Crouch, our teachers prepare each student for success through feedback and recognition.
Laurel Springs’ online environment also allows teachers to be available outside of regular school hours for each student to get the personalized attention they need when they require it. As a mother of three, teacher Tracy Smith understands the importance of timely communication and prioritizes it. “Families depend on feedback and quick responses to guide their journeys in online education. I love that Laurel Springs can be there for students to follow their dreams and get an incredible education. I do my best to support families and build relationships so that students can enjoy their experiences and grow as learners with each interaction.” Our teachers are experts at catering to each student’s learning style and tailoring their interactions to how the student can best learn and grow while at Laurel Springs.

Express Yourself

Through our individualized educational approach, our teachers can work with students to foster curiosity and expression at any age. Ms. Smith’s music teacher, Mrs. B., encouraged her during her formative years. “She was a ball of energy, creativity, love, sarcasm, and everything you want in a teacher. She inspired me to be as loving, energetic, and creative as she was as a teacher.” From our Lower and Middle Schools to our Upper School and Academy, teachers challenge students’ points of view and abilities, letting them design a flexible educational plan that suits their ideas and interests.
Danny Family
Laurel Springs’ teachers work within our comprehensive, rigorous curriculum to allow students to think outside of the box and demonstrate what they are thinking and feeling, even when they are states, countries, and continents apart from their classmates. Teacher, Sarah Danny, learned from her favorite teacher, Mrs. Bryson, to be “hard working, focused, and creative,” which motivates her to never give up on her students and never stop communicating with their families no matter what and no matter where. Our teachers’ need to be in constant communication with students and families in turn allows students many opportunities to express themselves and build relationships and skills that will last beyond the classroom.

A Global Impact

Our dedicated teachers serve students globally without compromising any individuality or creativity, which lends to a community of diverse learners, innovators, and leaders of all ages. Helping individuals across 90 countries reach their full potential, every member of Laurel Springs is encouraged to communicate openly, creatively, and passionately, something that teacher Nick Kaisharis experienced before joining the Laurel Springs family. His college professor, Dr. Ward, helped him realize the limitations of his perspective and the importance of empathy, which translates into Mr. Kaisharis’ hope to “create a fun and experiential academic environment that fosters deep inquiry and a love for learning that transforms worldviews and improves our global community. [He wants] to open eyes, hearts, and minds to all that the world has to offer.”
Laurel Springs is an educational community of creative individuals that seek to communicate and celebrate everyone’s differences, passions, and pursuits. Our teachers stand out as prime examples of how their lifelong commitment to learning, teaching, inspiring, and sharing has made a difference in the lives of our students at any age and location.