Results are IN for LSS Student Government Election


student government electionThe votes have been tallied, and the results are in! Over 300 Laurel Springs K-12 students registered to vote in the 6th annual Student Government Election Convention. This year was a special one. Not only were the Student Government officers announced on an actual Presidential Election Day, but the incumbent StuGo president was voted in for a second term, and there was a tie for VP, which resulted in a runoff election!

Convention Campaigning

All registered voters received an Election Convention packet containing a list of students who were running for President, Vice President, and other appointed positions. The candidates shared their experiences in other LSS clubs and community involvement. They also detailed their inspiration for running and plans if they were to be appointed to office. Voters also had the opportunity to hear candidates speak during a live Election Convention event.

Over 50 K-6 students attended the convention and cast their ballots. Then, on Election Day, the winners were announced:

President: Kelly Grace Richardson, 12th grade

  • President for the LSS Student Government from 2019-2020
  • General Assembly President for LSS Model UN 2020-2021
  • Model UN UNIDO Committee Chair from 2018-2020
  • Varsity coxswain (national team invitee & recruited to T5 schools)
  • Founder and Lead Presenter of AP Connect
  • Scholarship recipient for Vanderbilt’s Public Policy and Quantitative Analysis Program
  • Supported the Thirst Project (charity to build clean wells in Africa)

Her inspiration behind running for office? “I love leading a group of people and blending their ideas into one cohesive plan that runs smoothly and executes extremely well. Being a leader is ingrained in everything I have been part of, whether that is indirectly or direct leadership positions. It would be an honor to be the very first StuGo President re-elected for a second term, and as an empowered woman at that.”

Some of her plans include, “continuing my trajectory as last year's StuGo president through Spirit Assemblies, a global project with Educate Girls Now, and teaching leadership skills throughout each meeting (such as when I led the LSS Leadership Summit 2020).”

Vice President: William Burger, 11th grade

  • LSS Student Ambassador 2019-20
  • LSS Prom Committee and game host 2020
  • Head volunteer at Meals of Hope food pantry 2020
  • Student Government Vice President 2017-18
  • Leader at Serve Your World Camp 2017-18
  • Leadership Lane Award 2017 and 2018
  • Congress of Future Medical Leaders Award of Excellence Nomination 2020

“The reasons that I want to be Vice President this year involve being able to serve as a valuable contributor to the Laurel Springs social community, get more students involved, utilize my leadership skills and experiences, and foster a productive and inclusive environment.”

As for his plans, “This year, I look forward to being a role model, leading with enthusiasm, partaking in annual projects, and brainstorming new ways to enhance the Laurel Springs experience with the help of all Student Government members.”

Student ambassador leaders, project leaders, and grade level representatives were also elected. 

Doing Their Civic Duty

After the election, Student Engagement Manager, Rachelle Wafer, thanked students for their “service and civic duty during the first voting process and the runoff election.” She hoped that this process has inspired other students to become involved in leadership opportunities, like Student Government. “All full-time LSS students in grades 7-12 can join Student Government and be confirmed as a Grade Level Representative any time of year,” she writes. Also, students in grades 8-12 who have been at LSS for at least two consecutive semesters can participate in the Student Ambassador program, which is designed to help mentor fellow Laurel Springs students, especially those new to the school. 

This whole process has certainly inspired some students already. When asked about their thoughts on this year’s Election Convention, one 6th grader responded, “It was super cool! Never voted at LSS before, when I'm older I am going to run for president!”