Tutoring Partners at Laurel Springs School


Online learning at Laurel Springs School allows students a flexible education, catering to their interests inside and outside of the classroom. Often, these students will search outside of the regular programming to enhance their academics, study skills, and time management; something our self-paced schedule easily allows. We partner with the best tutoring centers around the globe to ensure our students have access to everything they need to garner academic and personal success.

Partnering with leaders in education

A tutoring center can mean administering one or multiple of many educational tools, each serving a different purpose towards student success. Tutoring centers offer a level of extra support for students, often bolstering areas of study and sometimes supplementing education altogether. There are a variety of ways Laurel Spring School families enlist the support of tutoring centers for their children.

Laurel Springs is so pleased to have affiliations with reputable tutoring and education therapy service providers,” says Laurel Springs School Account Manager of Partnerships Bridgitte Rutkowski. “Many families have benefited from enlisting the additional support of these professional programs. The family chooses their preferred level of engagement to work with a tutoring center and implement the services that best match the needs and goals of their child. The majority of tutoring centers offer services both online and in-person to deliver a personalized experience for each child.”

Subject-based support

Whether it be math, world languages, or AP-level courses, many tutoring centers offer subject matter-specific services that can be picked up at any time. These facilities are often set up through a drop-in basis or recurring scheduled appointments, giving students the flexibility to come and go as needed. A subject-based tutoring center is perfect for a student looking for support in distinct areas of study.

Full-service programing

Families seeking a flexible academic program outside of the traditional school building often want an experienced education professional to lead the daily academic coaching of their children. Parents who are acting as their child's academic coach and feel they need a deeper level of support may choose to bring in a full service tutoring center to serve as their child's Academic Coach, providing daily structured guidance during their school day. This kind of tutoring is often used to enhance remote learning.

Academic planning and college consulting

Academic planners can be used for a variety of means, with tutors often providing direction of course schedule creation, college readiness exams, and college applications to align with a family's goals for their student after graduation.

Although these consultants often provide insight and guidance on higher education, the true purpose is for parents to identify an area of need for their child and find a center that meets that need. This could mean educational therapy, personalized education services, and even executive functioning and ADHD coaching. Children with specific needs often find desired results from the help of academic planning and consulting tutoring centers.

Pod learning and group sessions

Pod learning or group sessions can be through a tutoring center or social community. These pods are created as social learning groups in which students learn together as peer tutors, mutually benefiting from each other and bolstering the flexibility of Laurel Springs School with in-person academic sessions. This is often used as a means for socialization and cooperative learning in an online education format.

Enrichment programs

Enrichment programs are often used to supplement current school curriculum; catering to students who want to go above and beyond or have high aspirations in academics. These programs supplement course material and push students beyond their peers, often catering to honors, AP, and college prep material.


Tutoring centers that specialize in working with student-athletes understand the demands of travel and training, much like Laurel Springs. These tutors work with families to develop academic support plans, ensuring the student spends sufficient time on academics while pursuing their sport.

Academic support and tutoring at Laurel Springs School

Ultimately the family chooses their preferred level of engagement to work with a tutoring center implementing services that best match their child's needs and goals. That’s why Laurel Springs School partners with leading tutoring centers around the globe, connecting our students to a fulfilled, enriched education in any way they need it. Laurel Springs’ tutoring partners include:

Along with our partnerships, Laurel Springs School provides students access to a vibrant system of support services from the moment they step through our virtual doors, including online tutoring. Take advantage of all the services available for your student.