Why Should My K–12 Student Take Summer Classes?


The first day of summer is June 21, but that doesn’t mean this is the day all learning must come to a halt for the season. Believe it or not (but we’re here to help you believe it!), summer is an excellent time for K-12 students to get ahead, maintain an accelerated pace, or explore educational interests they wouldn’t otherwise have been exposed to in the traditional school year.

4 Reasons to Keep Learning All Year Round

What are the benefits of summer school, and why should your K-12 student take summer classes? Let’s dive in!

1) Science backs summer learning

Have you ever heard of the summer slide? This is a term coined to describe the loss of learning that occurs when extended breaks are taken from school. And while breaks are certainly well-deserved for teachers, students, and parents alike, is the resulting stress of the new-school-year-catch-up scramble each and every traditional school year worth it? We think—scratch that, we KNOW—there’s a better way! And there’s research to back it up.

A growing body of researchers say summer breaks have been detrimental to learning progress, particularly in the subjects of math, reading, and spelling. When students stay engaged with academic material during the summer, they can prevent this memory decay, which is crucial for the goal-oriented students who want to surge ahead beyond the traditional academic timeline.

2) Students can explore subjects outside of their regular academic lineup

Many institutions only offer certain courses during the summer months. This could be due to instructor availability, class size, or any number of factors. Or maybe your student’s class calendar is chock-full during the regular semesters with no room for exploration in new subject areas.

One of the benefits of taking courses over the summer is that curious pupils have time to expand their academic horizons to areas they otherwise might not have the scheduling space for. Think foreign languages, art courses, and computer coding, to name a few

3) With online learning, summer classes can happen from anywhere

Who says your student can’t take summer courses to get ahead from the porch of your family lake house? Online summer school courses and summer travel are not oil and water; in the vast majority of situations, the two can definitely mix.

With many summer classes being asynchronous in addition to online, the time spent on schoolwork during the most enjoyable months of the year is entirely up to the student. They can tune in whenever and wherever they want, as long as they have an internet connection and a device.

4) Summer school brings high achievers one step closer to their college prep goals

Academically accelerated learners can use the summer to leap ahead in their school plans, whether it’s ACT or SAT prep courses, adding in a few extra AP classes, or gearing up for college admissions.

We encourage our students to relax AND excel during the summer. Summer classes can complement your summer season, not burden it. Our summer offerings focus on helping students excel on their own time—in less time.

Our first round of summer courses kicked off back in early April, but it’s not too late to join our crew of ambitious summer learners. Weekly start dates are available through June 22 for year-long courses or July 20 for semester-long courses. The last days for enrolling will be here before you know it. Apply today to get started.