Easy-to-understand full-time private school tuition

Laurel Springs School provides affordable tuition for full-time K-12 students. Our bundled tuition rates simplify paying for online private school so students across the globe can enjoy a flexible, quality education. Bundled tuition varies by grade level and includes full enrollment, all course materials, and personalized, one-on-one teacher feedback. Contact our Laurel Springs admissions officers for further information on tuition and payment options.

Families interested in part-time enrollment may visit our part-time tuition page to learn more.

Full-time Tuition

Our full-time bundled tuition rates for the 2021–2022 school year are listed below. All prices shown are for students enrolled full-time for the semester or academic year.

Full-time Tuition: Grades K–12

Full-time students benefit from mastery-based courses, access to credentialed academic counselors, and the opportunity to engage in the social community via clubs, field trips, annual virtual events, and more. Laurel Springs also provides virtual live support, newsletters, counseling lessons and activities, webinars, and parent events.

Full-time Tuition Grades K–12
Grade Level Semester Full Year
Lower School $3,000 $5,000
Middle School $4,000 $7,000
Upper School $5,250 $9,500

The Academy Full-time Tuition

The Academy at Laurel Springs is an accredited private online and selective college preparatory school for grades 6–12, providing a personalized education built around each student’s interests, passions, and talents. Students in The Academy study alongside like-minded peers from around the world. The Academy only accepts full-time students for semester or full-year enrollments. Middle School Academy students may take two high school level courses during their enrollment with no additional fees.

The Academy Full-time Tuition grades 6-12
Grade Level Semester Full Year
Middle School $6,000 $11,000
Upper School $8,000 $15,000
  • Registration

    The pre-enrollment registration of $300 for full-time students and $150 for part-time students includes a standards-based diagnostic assessment for placement in Math and Language Arts, plus an academic plan.
  • Additional Fees:

    • Annual registration fee of $300 for full-time students and $150 for part-time students.
    • Shipping fees and applicable sales tax may apply.
    • Grade-level specific high school seminar courses are required each year for a $750 fee.
    • Seniors pay a $350 matriculation service fee. This is paid at the onset of the senior year and covers the cost of services associated with matriculation and graduation from Laurel Springs School, including academic records, transcripts, and diploma.
    • Additional fees may apply for AP or Honors courses.
    • Due to changing costs, prices are subject to change without notice. Check this page for the latest pricing information.
  • Laurel Springs Tuition Discounts and Payment Plans

    • Payment options include 0% interest plans with a down payment.
    • Discounts are available on tuition when paid in full.
    • Loyalty, military, and sibling discounts are available.