A program for everyone — even if it’s part-time

Laurel Springs School offers part-time and full-time online school programs and tuition options for students all over the world looking to enroll in a preparatory program that fits their education needs. Part-time students may take one or two online courses with us while attending another school. These can be lower school, middle school, or upper school courses to supplement a student’s current studies or work ahead. Upper school students can also take AP Courses earning both high school and university credit, from anywhere with an internet connection.

For full-time students Laurel Springs bundled tuition varies based on grade level and includes full enrollment, all course materials, and personalized, one-on-one teacher feedback. Whether it’s bundled or per course, Laurel Springs tuition is amongst the most affordable options in private school learning.

To learn more, visit our bundled pricing offer to explore the benefits of full-time enrollment.

Part-time Tuition

All prices shown are per course unless otherwise noted.

Part-time Lower School Tuition: Grades K-5

Laurel Springs Lower School is an online elementary learning program for students in kindergarten through grade five.

Part-time Tuition for Lower School (grades K-5) courses
Semester Full Year
Core Courses
World Languages
$700 $950
P.E. $200 $400

Part-Time Middle School Tuition: Grades 6-8

The Middle School is an online program for students in grades 6 through 8. At this level, students are appropriately challenged academically, and they begin developing self-advocacy and time management skills in preparation for Upper School.

Part-time Tuition for Middle School (grades 6-8) courses
Semester Full Year
Core Courses
World Languages
$800 $1,100
Health & P.E. $240 $440

Part-time Upper School Tuition: Grades 9-12

Upper school tuition is priced per course, for one semester or the full year. Tuition includes full enrollment, all course materials, syllabi, teacher services, semester evaluation, and a transcript.

Tuition for Upper School (grades 9-12) courses
Semester Full Year
College Prep
& Electives
$850 $1,250
Honors, Science,
World Languages
$1,000 $1,450
P.E. $400 $600
$1,275 $1,875
  • Registration

    The pre-enrollment registration of $300 for full-time students and $150 for part-time students includes a standards-based diagnostic assessment for placement in Math and Language Arts, plus an academic plan.
  • Additional Fees:

    • Annual registration fee of $300 for full-time students and $150 for part-time students.
    • Shipping fees and applicable sales tax may apply.
    • Grade-level specific high school seminar courses are required each year for a $750 fee.
    • Seniors pay a $350 matriculation service fee. This is paid at the onset of the senior year and covers the cost of services associated with matriculation and graduation from Laurel Springs School, including academic records, transcripts, and diploma.
    • Additional fees may apply for AP or Honors courses.
    • Due to changing costs, prices are subject to change without notice. Check this page for the latest pricing information.
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