Laurel Springs Blooms with Random Acts of Kindness


    Have you ever had someone randomly pay for your coffee, pay you a compliment, or offered you a favor without expecting pay? A little kindness can go a long way in anyone’s day. It’s amazing how much even a simple smile can do. 

    February is Random Acts of Kindness Month. It’s a time to focus on spreading kindness and changing the world for the better, one kind act at a time. No act is too small. Kindness is never wasted. Everyone is capable of participating, all it takes is a warm heart and understanding soul. 

    The Kind Campaign

    During the month, the Laurel Springs National Honor Societies are asking the LSS community to take part in this thoughtful initiative. The goal is to document at least 1,000 Acts of Kindness that fall into one of the following categories:

    1. Personal Acts of Kindness
    2. Community Acts of Kindness
    3. Global Acts of Kindness

    Need some inspiration? Examples of personal acts of kindness includes:

    • Giving someone a compliment or encouragement
    • Letting someone go ahead of you in line
    • Doing an extra chore at home
    • Holding the door open for someone
    • Sending a “Thank You” note
    • Sharing your smile

    If you are feeling motivated to spread kindness throughout the community, some examples are:

    • Paying for the person behind you in line
    • Over-tipping for a service
    • Attending a virtual community event to offer thanks to local heros
    • Plan a Zoom event and share what you like about each other
    • Start a food drive or other community service

    Those looking to spread kindness throughout the globe could:

    • Donate to an organization you support
    • Send a thank-you note to any organization
    • Volunteer

    These are only a few examples of easy ways to share kindness. One idea isn’t more important than the other, since they’re all meant to make a positive difference. 

    Random Acts are Racking Up

    After kicking off the Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) event at the beginning of February, the number of completed acts quickly started to accumulate. Here are a few ways the LSS community have been spreading the kindness around:

    • Sending notes of appreciation
    • Holding the door open
    • Offering encouraging words to teammates
    • Making cards to send to kids in the hospital
    • Smiling
    • Baking dog cookies for an animal shelter
    • Helping siblings
    • Helping parents with technology
    • Donating to the homeless
    • Calling loved ones
    • Helping with chores
    • Showing teachers appreciation

    With each random act, we hope everyone remembers that they are positively affecting someone’s life. The effects could last a moment, a day, or a lifetime! Little acts can go a long way, especially when they’re done with kindness. 

    Ready to get involved? All Laurel Springs families can click here for the details, do something kind, and then document your RAK to help us reach our goal!