My online school experience has given me more time to follow my passions, but it’s also given me invaluable academic opportunities


By Mia Hanflig

I enrolled in online school in 2018 to acquire a flexible schedule to support my goals and dreams. Before beginning courses in my online school program, I was worried that I would not learn or be challenged effectively in this new environment. However, after starting the online schooling program, I realized that would not be a concern.

DNU LSS: Mia HanfligI immediately became exposed to abundant knowledge, resources, and tools. These provisions are especially beneficial to support my ability to write and answer quizzes, essay prompts, and tests. The asynchronous format enables me to pursue external interests, like my passion for dance. I aspire to become a professional ballet dancer, so I dedicate many hours a week to train, improve, and advance my technique.

Having additional time for dance is crucial because the artform requires a high level of commitment and dedication. The extra time I have gained from being a student at online school has enabled me to more easily attend prestigious intensives and competitions, furthering my performance experiences in preparation for a career. In a brick-and-mortar school, I found it difficult and stressful to maintain excellence in dance and school simultaneously. I am so grateful that online school has made it more efficient to create a harmonious balance between my school and ballet lives.

Another incredible opportunity I have gained from online school is the ability to take six-week, accelerated summer courses. I can work at my own pace and complete additional courses in the summer to get ahead before the next school year. By taking summer classes, I have the potential to graduate early while still finishing all the mandatory credits. At my previous school, this would not be a possibility. Therefore, without online school, I would not have considered graduating early or learning new subjects during the summer months.

Students like me receive many invaluable opportunities through online school. I have created a personal plan, attended courses suited to my interests, completed extra work to facilitate my learning, spent more time dedicated to my favorite pastime, and felt much more comfortable and relaxed. I worry so much less because it is much easier to support both school and ballet. I encourage students to try online school; it has changed my life and made me much happier.

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About the author: Mia Hanflig, 16, is a sophomore at Laurel Springs School, a leader in K-12 education that is often regarded as the first online school.