School’s In for Summer!: Laurel Springs Online Summer School 2022 Lineup


    Spring is officially here, and that means we’re weeks away from one of the most fantastic times of year in primary and secondary education—summer! For online learners, online summer school courses unlock time for self-paced, flexible options for students to get ahead for next year, explore courses beyond a core curriculum, and bolster confidence for the upcoming academic year. The best part? Online asynchronous learning can happen from anywhere, whenever it fits into your day!

    Prevent the slide, forge ahead…and explore online summer school courses

    The summer learning slide refers to what researchers say is the inevitable—but very avoidable—loss of learning resulting from extended seasonal breaks. It’s the reason many educators often dedicate the first entire month of a traditional school year reviewing content from the prior grade. By working learning into summer plans, asynchronous K–12 learners can avoid gaps in studies while supporting their personal growth and goals. 

    Your ambitious student, whether scholar, performer, athlete, or any combination of passions, likely wants to stay a step or two ahead on their track to success. Online summer school courses allow for that. It’s the beauty of a flexible, self-paced learning schedule—students tailor their education to their exact needs and aspirations, no matter the season, from wherever they happen to be!

    The Laurel Springs School Online Summer School 2022 Lineup

    At Laurel Springs, summer course options are plentiful for students from kindergarten through Grade 12. From core courses to World Languages, electives, and three-week interdisciplinary microcourses, students and their parents can choose what fits best to support their overall goals. 

    Kindergarten through Grade 5: Languages, exploration, plus some core

    If you have a young learner in grades K–2, your student has options to practice, start, or increase their knowledge in World Languages, and two options—music and art—as three-week exploratory microcourses. The offerings expand a bit more for our students in grades 3–5 to include core academic courses, four microcourses featuring kid-favorite interests including food, graphic novels, solar power, and the ice age, as well as an elective course option for grades 4–5 to delve into coding.

    Grades 6–8: Core, explore, and more! 

    Our middle school group’s offerings also include core curriculum, World Languages, and a number of elective options including art, music, game design, and photography. Microcourses for grades 6–8 span such interests as dystopian societies (Hunger Games fans, this one’s for you!), architecture, the universe, physics, ancient history, science of sport, and strategic money. Students who are looking for options to prepare for upcoming Algebra I or Pre-Algebra can also enroll in our Readiness course options.

    Upper School: The sky’s the limit!

    Have a high-school-age student with their nose to the grindstone, working toward college admission? Our Upper School students in grades 9 through 12 have access to core courses in the summer as well. Our soon-to-be-graduating scholars can challenge themselves with our honors, college prep, ACT or SAT prep, and Advanced Placement courses, as well as UC and NCAA-approved courses.

    Upper School students can tailor their summer courses to their post-Laurel Springs aspirations, whether in legal studies and criminal justice, cybersecurity, coding, economics, government, or entrepreneurship.

    The (virtual) doors to Laurel Springs are open year-round. If you are ready to dive into what summer courses can do for your student. Our summer courses begin April 6, and we offer weekly start dates through June. Apply today.

    Click here to view the enrollment deadlines for the various start dates. View our 2022 Summer Program Courses (Kindergarten through Grade 12 and Postgraduate Program opportunities) here.