Student Spotlight: Kelly Grace Richardson Made the Mid-Year Switch


    Switching schools in the middle of the year may not seem ideal for some, but it was exactly what Kelly Grace Richardson and her family needed. As an actress and dancer, Kelly Grace’s schedule was filled with auditions, filming, flights, and events. Set class times wouldn’t work—a more flexible study routine she could do anytime, anywhere was a better fit. She also wanted to feel supported and challenged in her academics. So when her family learned of the Academy at Laurel Springs, they knew they found their new home. 

    Getting Settled Post-Switch

    It was already April when Kelly Grace and her family made the decision to switch to Laurel Springs. While this made scheduling school around her life a lot easier, the challenge was in scheduling her assignments and acclimating to a new social life. This is where the dedicated Laurel Springs staff comes in. “My teachers and amazing counselor helped guide me through the process and were always there if I had a question.”

    It didn’t take Kelly Grace long to learn the ins and outs of online learning and social interaction. “Because I was already used to the academics by September, I jumped headfirst into the social life.” This meant involvement in multiple clubs, live classes, and the Academy Lounge--all of which provided both social and educational opportunities. Kelly Grace wasn’t kidding when she said she jumped right in. Last year she was voted President of StuGo, Laurel Springs’ student government. Now in her senior year, she’s currently the Model UN General Assembly President, “finding innovative ways to continue making Model UN the best it can be.” This is all in addition to her ongoing involvement in acting, dancing, and rowing—yes, she’s also a coxswain and “constantly on the water!” 

    Four Years of Growth

    Kelly Grace is such a fan of Laurel Springs that she’s willing to shout it from the rooftops! Well, at least from her computer. When asked about her experiences, she told us:

    “AMAZING! I know all-caps is yelling, but I promise it is worth it. Laurel Springs has developed me both academically and mentally throughout my four years. Each class has given me invaluable knowledge that I will take to continue my learning outside of the classroom as well. Personally, the most impactful experience at LSS has been the clubs and social events. I love how my peers come from all over the world and our conversations always lead to sharing new perspectives. It has given me the ability to pursue my interests while shaping my values in order for me to become the best person possible.”

    As for the future, “I am looking forward to intersecting my passions with my academics. Laurel Springs has taught me resilience and balance, which I hope to continue on my next journey in education.” And this next journey also includes higher education. “Currently I’m working on college applications, which is stressful but will be worth it in the end. Shoutout to my wonderful counselor, Ms. Bindler, for helping me through the process!”

    So, while it may have been a little rocky at the start, Kelly Grace was able to lean on the Laurel Springs community to get her through the last four years. “Being a mid-year student takes a proactive mind, but it can be really rewarding in the end!”