Homeschooling or school-from-home: the choice is yours

Homeschooling your child is a big commitment. As a homeschooling parent, you research the curriculum, develop lesson plans, and grade homework and quizzes. Ultimately, you are dedicating yourself and your time to your child’s homeschool education from kindergarten to high school.

We expect parents to be partners in student learning. The role of the parent is to provide organization and structure, to help create a proper learning environment, and to promote continuity in the learning process. 

World-class teachers

At the core of Laurel Springs is our qualified and global faculty. One-hundred percent of faculty members hold advanced degrees, and our teachers have an average of 14 years of teaching experience and are all licensed in their core content area. Teachers provide meaningful, individualized feedback linked to assignment objectives, allowing students to grow and learn through their coursework.

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It’s almost like having your own personal tutor…the flexibility allows me to make time with my family and for myself. I have many hobbies and enjoy catching up on all of them. My family is usually very busy but with this schedule, I can have fun with them and finish my work on time.” -Julia Payne, Texas

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Join the un-school revolution

Our students are actively involved in a variety of extracurricular organizations and events. Through participation in our 30+ clubs, virtual and in-person field trips, spirit week, and even prom, students connect with a diverse group of peers—from more than 100 countries—developing a safe and private social network.


The coursework was challenging and relevant - helped me get into a good college, and the foundations I built up at Laurel Springs School are helping me move on to get my Master's Degree in Digital Forensics!” -Laurel Springs Alum

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