Before the Laurel Springs Open House

During the open house we’ll dive deeper into Laurel Springs offerings and open the floor for questions. To help you prepare, familiarize yourself with our education model and approach to student-centered learning.

Freedom to pursue excellence

The best way to get to know Laurel Springs School is to hear from students and alumni. Learn how our self-paced education gives Sydney the freedom to work when she’s most productive and achieve greatness in and out of the classroom.

Your student is at the center of our learning model

When students, parents, teachers, and faculty are all keenly involved in education, educational outcomes increase exponentially. In our asynchronous, or self-paced, educational model students work on their own to complete assignments, but they are never alone. Our student-centered teaching model allows students to gain valuable skills in self-motivation, time management, and self-advocacy, while providing the academic and social-emotional support needed to facilitate academic and life success.

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    As students progress through lessons independently (or with their Academic Coach for our younger learners), they engage with the interactives and submit assignments and projects, allowing them to apply what they learn and to think critically.

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    As your child's Academic Coach, you (or another responsible adult) will provide organization and structure to help create a proper learning environment, and to promote continuity in the learning process. Academic Coaches of Lower and Middle School students should plan for a longer, more involved time commitment.

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    As students work through their course, teachers leave authentic feedback in the learning management system, helping guide, challenge, and support students. This feedback can be written, audio, or visual, depending on the assignment. In addition, teachers have two office hours a day during which students can pop in for any support they might need.

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    LSS Live

    In addition to office hours and feedback, Laurel Springs offers a live help room staffed by teachers and Academic Department Chairs. Daily from 8 am to 11 pm, students can easily access any one of our teachers who will provide academic support and answers.

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    Student Support

    The members of our counseling team are here to assist your child in all their goals, beginning with a personalized education plan. From Kindergarten through graduation, dedicated counselors answer questions and provide grade-specific resources and support for full-time students and parents.

Our students, and their days, are extraordinary

There is no “typical” school day at Laurel Springs. From choosing the day they enroll to customizing their calendar to meet their needs, students and their families own their daily routine and schedule. Students choose the place, pace, and schedule based on their needs.

The Laurel Springs commitment

For those individuals whose goals and passions exist outside the classroom, Laurel Springs School empowers students to tailor their schooling experience, offering more convenience than they would experience in a traditional brick and mortar or even a synchronous online setting. Students may enroll in full-time K-12 programs or supplement their current solution complete individual courses.

The Lower School experience

In grades Kindergarten through 6th grade, we nurture the natural love of learning with caring teachers and stimulating curriculum. Kindergarten through 6th grade online courses provide easy navigation, plenty of interactive activities, and embedded videos and graphics that engage the student. In addition, they are required to read a book of their choice for 30 minutes per day and write in a reflection journal. On average, Lower School students spend roughly 30 minutes on each subject per day.

Mother and young son using laptop at home to attend online school

The Middle School experience

Middle School students are encouraged to exercise their voice and choice by diversifying their course schedules, full-time students take four core courses along with Health and PE. In addition, Middle School students can choose to study a world language, explore electives, and some are even ready for Upper School level courses. We want middle school students to be appropriately challenged while fostering self-advocacy and time management skills. The average Middle School time commitment is four to five hours daily.

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The Upper School experience

Upper School students experience the rigor of our mastery-based courses by enrolling in six College Preparatory level credits, with the ability to select any Honors, Advanced Placement, and/or Dual Enrollment pathways. Our college prep courses have been carefully designed so successful completion prepares students for courses at the most demanding colleges and universities. Our wide variety of Advanced Placement (AP) courses enable upper school students to take college-level courses and exams and earn college credit or placement. Upper School students typically spend four to six hours on coursework daily.

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One thing that I really love about being at Laurel Springs is being able to set my own pace and make my own schedule. It’s very rigorous and I need to make an effort to become better and put all my knowledge into my craft.

Julia Jones, Class of 2022

Open House FAQ

  • What exactly does mastery-based learning mean?

    Simply put, mastery-based learning is a teaching approach that requires students to demonstrate a thorough understanding of a module or subject before moving on to the next module or subject in the curricular progression. Your student can redo an assignment to master the objectives and comprehend the subject before they move forward to the next. Students can redo their work for most assignments (other than unit, semester, or final exams) in order to receive a deeper understanding of what they’re learning. Your child will learn the material with a deeper understanding, allowing them to advance to the next unit or module with confidence.
  • What does asynchronous learning mean?

    Asynchronous classes offer students the flexibility to study in a self-paced manner. While asynchronous classes still have submission deadlines, students can connect with materials and instructors on their own schedules, often over an extended period of time. Teachers may prescribe an order of operations for the materials, but students can choose how much or how little time they spend in each area.
  • How many hours per day will my student be in class?

    Simply put, mastery-based learning is a teaching approach that requires students to demonstrate a thorough understanding of a module or subject before moving on to the next module or subject in the curricular progression. Your student can redo an assignment to master the objectives and comprehend the subject before they move forward to the next. Students can redo their work for most assignments (other than unit, semester, or final exams) in order to receive a deeper understanding of what they’re learning. Your child will learn the material with a deeper understanding, allowing them to advance to the next unit or module with confidence.
  • What is the acceptance criteria for students at Laurel Springs School?

    Our admissions coordinators work closely with you to gather information from your child’s current school or homeschool in order to evaluate where your child is in their educational journey. We’ll use this information, as well as our conversations to determine if Laurel Springs School is the right education fit for your child. Additionally, our enrollment coordinators will use this information to create your student’s schedule.
  • What is the acceptance criteria for students in The Academy at Laurel Springs School?

    The Academy at Laurel Springs is a selective college prep program for full-time Laurel Springs students in grades 6-12. Your admissions coordinator will work with you to gather information from your child’s current school or homeschool to determine if this driven and gifted program is appropriate.
  • Does Laurel Springs School offer Dual Enrollment?

    Laurel Springs has established an online Dual Enrollment Program in partnership with Baylor and Syracuse universities provide students with opportunities to potentially earn college credit and help prepare them for the future beyond academics. Ask your admissions coordinator for more information.
  • What is the Laurel Springs School teacher-to-student ratio?

    With the exception of a few courses offered by The Academy at Laurel Springs School, courses at Laurel Springs are asynchronous, meaning your child will work directly with their teacher in a one-to-one relationship.
  • How many students are in classes at Laurel Springs School?

    With our rolling admissions policy, students can enroll at any time throughout the school year, as such the number of students in any given grade varies from day to day. We often find families and students ask this question because they’re interested in our class sizes. In an asynchronous environment, the class size is one. This means one-on-one feedback from teachers and the ability to master coursework prior to moving on—classmates don’t dictate your students’ schedule.
  • English is not my student’s first language; can they attend Laurel Springs School?

    Students must be able to speak, read, and write in English proficiently in order to be successful at Laurel Springs School. Applicants in grades 6-12 for whom English is not their primary language will be asked to complete a Duolingo English Test. Your admissions coordinator will explain the process and connect your student with the resources to take the assessment.
  • Does Laurel Springs School offer individualized learning plans (IEPs)?

    From their interests and passions, to where in the world they live, to their different abilities, Laurel Springs Students are incredibly diverse. Students with intellectual disabilities, who are differently-abled, or who are currently under care for a medical diagnosis have found the space and schedule they need for success at Laurel Springs.

    Every student’s course schedule is created during the enrollment process in consultation with their parents and our highly-qualified team of enrollment coordinators in order to meet their needs. In a sense, every student receives an individualized learning plan. However, in the more traditional sense of the public school system, we don’t create an IEP. In order to protect your child’s privacy, we encourage you to speak with your admissions coordinator about your child’s needs and cannot answer individual questions in the Open House.

  • What does the Learning Management System look like?

    We could spend the entire Virtual Open House just diving into the Laurel Springs School Learning Management System—and we have! To ensure all your questions are answered during the Open House, we invite you to attend one of our bi-weekly LMS demo. Contact your admissions coordinator to schedule an upcoming demo session.
  • What curriculum does Laurel Springs School use?

    The curriculum in both the Laurel Springs School core program and for The Academy at Laurel Springs are considered rigorous by traditional standards. Our extensive curriculum meets the standards of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and Cognia. Continuous improvement is embedded into the work that we do on a daily basis.
  • How much is Laurel Springs School tuition?

    We recognize the cost of tuition is an important factor in selecting a new educational solution. Laurel Springs School's full-time tuition is bundled for ease. And, we offer discounts for siblings, payments in full, and loyalty. Your admissions coordinator will dive into the specifics of tuition, and in the meantime, we encourage you to visit our tuition pages on the website for more information.
  • What does the annual registration fee cover?

    The annual registration fee covers the administrative cost of placement and enrollment activities including teacher assignment, academic planning, and any grade-level diagnostic testing.
  • Can I speak to current Laurel Springs School parents and students about their experiences?

    We offer several opportunities for you to hear from current parents and students. First and foremost, we encourage you to take a look at reviews on third-party websites like or on our website. We also highlight student and alumni stories on our blog.

    Finally, several parent ambassadors have agreed to speak with the families of potential students. Your admissions coordinator can connect you with a parent ambassador.

  • Is there an opportunity for my child to take courses with Laurel Springs School without enrolling full time?

    Yes! We offer two exciting opportunities for students to supplement their current educational solution or to “test-drive” the Laurel Springs School learning model.

    Single courses offer students in grades K through 12 the same benefits of our high-quality, accredited private education, without the commitment to enroll full-time with Laurel Springs School. Individual courses are great for students who want to challenge themselves, fill a knowledge gap, supplement a homeschool or public school curriculum, or for those students who want to test-drive the Laurel Springs experience.

    Additionally, our online Summer Program offers an incredibly robust variety of courses for all grade levels. Students can complete year-long courses in just 12 weeks and semester-long courses in six weeks. Students can work ahead, gaining what they need to feel confident about entering their next grade level or preparing for a busy fall. Classes start weekly throughout the summer from April through July.

  • Who can participate in Laurel Springs School social opportunities?

    Virtual and in-person field trips, special events (like our in-person Prom), spirit week, student government, and other exciting activities, as well as our more than 40 clubs and organizations, are available for full-time students in grades K–12.

  • My child would like to play for an NCAA Division I or II school, is Laurel Springs School a good fit?

    This is unequivocal, yes! We find the flexibility including a calendar with up to 10 blackout dates and our self-paced educational model works with the travel and training schedules of college-bound, Olympic, and professional student-athletes, ensuring athletics coexist with academics. Students have the power to choose the pace, place, and time in which they learn. Which can include on the airplane to the summer games, before or after tournaments, and even during college visits.

    All of our Upper School core courses are four-year college preparatory courses certified by various accrediting organizations and more than 165 courses meet the course requirements of the NCAA.

    Additionally, college-bound student-athletes enjoy ongoing access to placement management counselors ready to provide guidance on NCAA eligibility and resources specific to their unique search for the opportunity to play their sport at the college level.

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