A Gap Year With Purpose

Where Motivated Graduates
Take Ownership of Their Future

The new Laurel Springs School Postgraduate Program provides recent high school graduates with competitive semester- and year-long courses tailored to their unique interests and continuing education goals.

The program is designed to support each postgrad’s personal, academic, and extracurricular ambitions through an empowered sense of self, a refined course of study, and an impressive transcript that sets you apart from your peers.

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Your Foundation for Success, Collegiate and Beyond

Built around each student’s goals, our program offers meaningful academic experiences for motivated learners eager to engage in advanced and college-level coursework.

Program courses include:

  • Dual enrollment college-level courses through The Minerva Project, a leading educational innovator
  • 45 Honors and AP courses
  • 12 World language courses

Meaningful Guidance Every Step of the Way

Experienced college counselors help students optimize their courses and position themselves for success at the college of their choice.

In addition, our college prep seminars go beyond the classroom to provide students with tools for time management, college planning, career exploration, and more.

Are You an
International Student?

Enrollment in The Postgraduate Program is an excellent way to demonstrate your ability to take higher-level, US-based courses, providing you with an impressive transcript that sets you apart from your peers.

The Postgraduate Program at Laurel Springs Tuition

Full-Time (Only)
Full-year Enrollment$13000
Semester Enrollment$7000