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You’re curious and have a passion to learn. With a bright future ahead, you want an education that will help you reach your goals.

With 30 years of experience behind it, The Academy at Laurel Springs School is a selective online learning program for distinguished scholars in grades 6-12 that offers a personalized curriculum built around each student’s interests, talents and passions.

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    As part of Laurel Springs, The Academy is a fully accredited online learning program designed to prepare exceptional students to succeed in today’s dynamic global landscape.

    • 171 College Prep Courses
    • 45 Honors & AP Courses
    • 12 World Language Courses
    • Dual enrollment opportunities
    • 70% of students score 3 or higher on AP exams
    • One-on-one academic counseling

    A Partnership with Minerva Supports Critical Thinking

    The Academy at Laurel Springs delivers an exceptional education for intellectually curious students through a partnership with scholastic pioneer, the Minerva Project, a leading innovator in higher education. The Academy program engages learners with challenging coursework that leverages Minerva’s Forum™ Learning Environment with the goal of preparing students to be more flexible and agile thinkers.

    The Minerva Baccalaureate

    Students entering 9th grade can participate in the Minerva Baccalaureate program. The Minerva Baccalaureate at the Laurel Springs School is a transformative four-year curriculum available to Academy scholars who wish to elevate their high school education and benefit from an online, collaborative learning environment designed to drive real-world application of academic knowledge. Enrollment for the 2020-21 school year has now ended. Complete the form below to discuss your student’s future education needs.

    The Academy at Laurel Springs School Tuition

    Full-Time (Only)Middle SchoolUpper School
    Full-year Enrollment$9000$13000
    Semester Enrollment$5000$7000

    Earn College Credit in the Distinguished Scholars Program

    Academy students in 10th – 12th grade can participate in the Distinguished Scholars program, a six-course sequence that begins with Strategic Learning and Growth, Applied Critical and Creative Thinking, and Advanced Composition and Expressive Clarity. Designed specifically for academically-talented and driven Upper School students, these dual college credit courses help cultivate the nimble thinking, broad knowledge, and practical skills characteristic of true global citizens prepared to succeed in a rapidly changing world. Students are awarded a Distinguished Scholar Certificate upon completion of the program.