July 22, 2021

Although the two have never met in person, the powerful connection between a teacher and student were enough to cause the University of Chicago to recognize this social studies teacher at Laurel Springs School with the Outstanding Educator Award.

June 22, 2021

We can help teens build true leadership potential by incorporating skills into their education, modeling those skills ourselves, and encouraging them to take responsibility for adopting those skills in daily life.

June 15, 2021

Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle—a marriage of passion and career. It means living and working with purpose and intent, focusing outside yourself, thinking about how your actions and decisions impact your community. It makes social-emotional learning and community building in the K-12 experience more important than ever.

June 10, 2021

Straight from the birthplace of extraordinary creators and innovators, new #LaurelSpringsSchool President Arra Yerganian says his vision for the future of K-12 education is inspired by his Silicon Valley roots: “Silicon Valley has a DNA of innovation and new ways of thinking, and Laurel Springs is made of that same DNA.”