Aspen Learning Lab Fosters Student Confidence, Love for Learning


When it comes to learning, one size does not fit all. Aspen Learning Lab—a full-service education program based out of Santa Monica, CA—recognizes that the traditional classroom is not the ideal environment for every child. Originally founded in 2003, the customized homeschooling and tutoring center understands that all children possess unique learning styles and cultivates a customized learning environment that works best for each individual student. 
Aspen Learning Lab creates a personalized and purposeful learning environment that meets students where they are developmentally,” said Alice Ann Clark, Director of Client Development at the organization. “We pride ourselves on creating an inviting, nurturing, and productive environment for each one of our students.”

For families whose educational priorities include a rigorous curriculum from an accredited institution, Aspen offers a fully online, private school experience through its partnership with Laurel Springs School. By combining Laurel Springs’ flexible, online academics with Aspen’s in-person support and guidance, students gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed and master executive functioning skills.  
“We have used Laurel Springs as an online school partner for nearly 15 years,” said Clark. “The Laurel Springs program has proven to be the most accessible, accommodating, and flexible for our students. The curriculum is challenging and thorough. Our partnership with Laurel Springs helps students discover new interests, excel in their strengths, and broaden their knowledge, giving them the confidence to embark upon their future endeavors.”
While the day-to-day work looks different for each learner, there are several common features of the Aspen educational experience. A supportive structure and routine allows students to thrive without sacrificing flexibility, and check-ins with teachers and tutors provide a daily review of coursework and academic progress. Additionally, weekly communication between teachers, students, and families ensures efficiency and transparency in Aspen’s educational process. 
“In many traditional classrooms, it is often challenging, and impossible, to teach to each student’s learning styles and modalities,” said Clark. “However, in a one-on-one, personalized homeschool setting, our teachers are able to align their lessons, activities, and curriculum with your child’s specific learning styles, goals, and interests. As a result, this customized approach yields a more productive outcome and creates an environment that fosters student confidence and a love for learning.”
Currently, Aspen serves students from early education through the university level, providing a full-service experience that supports each student and their goals. The organization, Clark says, is extremely passionate about helping every child to achieve their true potential.
“In today’s education world, there are endless options, resources and schools, yet all programs and curriculum are not created equal,” said Clark. “We pride ourselves on utilizing the very best curriculum, purposefully fostering positive tutor-student relationships and creating individualized support for our families. If parents seek to instill confidence and a love for learning into their child's education, Aspen Learning Lab is the choice for them!”

If you are located in the greater Los Angeles area and are interested in learning more about how Aspen Learning Lab can serve your family, please visit or contact Alice Ann Clark at or (540) 580-4978.
For more information on Laurel Springs School, contact our Admissions team today at (800) 377-5890.