Summer Program at Laurel Springs School

Summer courses at Laurel Springs drive students to grow academically outside of the traditional school year. From third through 12th grade, students can explore educational interests they wouldn’t otherwise have been exposed to or work ahead, gaining what they need to feel confident about entering their next grade level.

This summer, explore subjects outside of your regular academic lineup

The Laurel Springs summer program provides students the opportunity to explore new topics or get a jumpstart on their next school year. Our self-paced approach allows students to focus on gaining knowledge and understanding, which can boost their confidence, build self-esteem, and prepare them for success.

One of the benefits of taking courses over the summer is that curious pupils have time to expand their academic horizons to areas they otherwise might not have the scheduling space for. Think world languages, art courses, and computer coding, to name a few.

Ready to get started?

Accelerate your education with the Laurel Springs summer program.