An Expert-Level Teaching Staff

The Academy provides talented students with teachers who are specially trained for their advanced learning needs. Faculty members undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure content-level expertise and quality teaching methods in an online classroom.

Students receive personalized instruction with an experiential learning model that combines classroom instruction with real-world experiences that are relevant to their educational paths and personal growth.

Highly Trained Faculty With Online Learning Expertise

Teachers provide a learning environment designed to help students achieve academic and personal goals. Classes include personalized instruction with specialized teaching methods that are designed to promote critical thinking and engage exceptional learners.

Instruction is built around students’ strengths and needs with an emphasis on providing experiential learning opportunities to prepare students for success at top-tier colleges and universities.

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We have been impressed by how knowledgeable and helpful his teachers and the administrators are. Each brings humanity to the process with their comments and feedback. I appreciate the time that the teachers and counselors take to get to know my son and to offer specific advice and direction.

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Laurel Springs Parent

Student-Centered Counseling

Beginning in 6th grade, students are assigned a College Counselor with who they meet regularly to discuss academic, social/emotional, and college-related topics.  Students engage with purpose-filled grade-specific Seminar courses and have the opportunity to participate in activities related to cognitive and social-emotional growth as well as college and career preparation.


College Counselors work closely with students and parents, building valuable relationships and offering resources and strategies connected to topics such as time management, perfectionism, summer programming, selecting the right college, test preparation, application and scholarship assistance, and more!


College and Career Guidance

Counselors are specially trained to guide students beginning in 6th grade through graduation that prepares students academically and personally for prestigious educational institutions worldwide.

  • Academic plans and course selection are discussed frequently to ensure the consideration of all available options that might complement students’ interests, talents, passions, and post-secondary goals.
  • Additional college programming and services include essay writing support, special topic webinars presented by select colleges, and mock interviews.
  • Cognitive and social-emotional concepts are built into the Academy counseling curriculum to support students’ personal and academic growth and success in college and beyond.

The Academy gives students outstanding opportunities such as teachers with advanced degrees, a challenging curriculum, and excellent counselors. With such a strong support team, the kids are able to excel in their academic and social paths, growing areas like time management, emotional growth, and general knowledge.

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An Education Built Around You

The Academy creates a customized experience for each student with an engaging and rigorous curriculum.  Students are provided with personalized instruction and flexibility designed around personal interests, talents, and passions.

The program provides distinguished scholars with enhanced learning opportunities that challenge their minds and expose them to real-world experiences that deepen their understanding.

Pursue Your Interests, Talents, and Passions

Program offerings are created with flexibility in mind so that students may select rigorous courses and choose collaborative experiences that fit their schedules.  The Academy enables scholars to achieve their goals and experience success!