A Curriculum That Fits Your Calendar

The Middle School is built around your schedule with flexible start dates and an asynchronous learning model that allows families to make schedule adjustments to meet their individual needs. Classes are mastery-based, with an emphasis on learning, understanding, and applying the subject matter.

Classes And Curricula Customized To Your Student

Curricula are designed around student interests, skills, and passions. You set the pace. You determine the schedule. Laurel Springs provides the core classes, electives, and clubs to help Middle School students uncover their own career and college aspirations.

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We love Laurel Springs! The combination of academic rigor, flexibility, and supportive teachers and staff has been fantastic for my family. My son is graduating this year and was accepted early action into the engineering program at his first choice college. My 8th-grade daughter is loving the flexibility that LSS gives her to take challenging courses and still has plenty of time for her gymnastics training schedule.

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A Dedicated Counseling Team

Middle School counseling services provide opportunities for students to learn and practice skills that will help them become better prepared and more productive online learners moving from grade level to grade level. The developmental counseling program meets Middle School students’ academic and social needs while also introducing career and college pathways.


Academic And Social Support

The Counseling Department confirms students’ course schedules and provides ongoing academic, social, and emotional support to help your child thrive in a Middle School environment.


Laurels Springs believes that students learn best with the support of teachers, counselors, and peers. Students have access to extracurricular clubs that provide them with live interactions, friendships, and support from students worldwide.


Setting A Course For College

Upper School preparation is foundational to the Middle School curriculum that will prepare your student for future college admissions.

  • Dedicated support from teachers who will help your student achieve their goals in preparation for a successful transition to Upper School. 
  • Resources and webinars provided by the Counseling Department connected to academic offerings, and social and emotional development and support.
  • Opportunities to identify and explore areas of interest through course and club selection.

We tried several private schools in our area that all seemed to have their own issues. Public schools in our area are some of the worst in the state, so we decided to look for a better option. Laurel Springs has been a wonderful fit for both of our daughters. One is in her first year of high school and the other is in 7th grade. It also allows our family the flexibility to travel on our own schedule. We love it!

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A Personal Approach To Education

Create a curriculum that inspires your child. The Laurel Springs learning model is highly personalized, allowing students to select classes that appeal to their personal interests, talents, and passions. Students proceed at their pace with a diverse offering of courses to meet their unique educational paths. 

The Middle School offers a wide range of core courses, electives, microcourses, extracurricular clubs, and world language programs such as Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Latin.

Discover Interests Through Unique Classes And Clubs

Explore personal interests on your schedule, with specialized classes ranging from journalism to game design to space exploration. High-achieving students may also take Upper School-level courses if they meet prerequisites, earning credit toward graduation requirements.

Outside of coursework, students may participate in a wide selection of clubs connected to fitness, photography, science, technology, music, and more that provide personal interactions with peers. 

Learn A World Language

  • Expand your language skills with interactive courses focused on reading, writing, and speaking.
  • Choose from major world languages such as Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Latin.
  • Increase your understanding of cultural practices and perspectives.

Elevate Your Understanding

  • Enroll in Upper School classes that earn credit toward graduation requirements. 
  • Become part of the National Junior Honor Society leading through scholarship and service.
  • Take microcourses that explore industries and careers outside of core concepts.

This year has been TOTALLY fulfilling for my 8th grade son! This is TRULY what he needed this year. The very rigorous academics coupled with the scheduling of awesome field trips (virtual and otherwise) has been more than what I had expected. I would highly recommend Laurel Springs to others (& I do)!

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