Empower your middle schooler to learn

The Middle School at Laurel Springs focuses on building personal scholarship and self-esteem during this transformative time. Students in grades 6 through 8 expand their academic horizons, increase time-management skills, and develop independent learning habits in preparation for Upper School and beyond.

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Our accredited Middle School gives students the freedom to learn and prepares them for future success.

Quick Facts

Who can apply?

We accept middle school students in grades 6-8.

When can students enroll?

Rolling admissions allow most students to enroll at any time.

How much does it cost?

Laurel Springs Middle School tuition is $7,000 for a full year.

What time are classes?

Students set their schedule, completing coursework at their own pace.

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Fit school around your family's lifestyle

The Middle School program provides families with the flexibility to set their schedules while offering a wide selection of core courses, world languages, electives, micro-courses, and extracurricular clubs to help students discover passions and interests that can shape their future.

Our Educational Model:
  • Focuses on knowledge acquisition and application
  • Allows students to work at their own pace
  • Helps develop time management skills and independent learning habits

Learning Management System

Students with the internet can access our learning management system anytime and anywhere to complete courses and track their academic progress.

Personalized Approach

We build your student's individualized learning plan around their interests, talents, and passions. Teachers and counselors help students uncover their career and college aspirations.

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Prepare them for future success

No time is more transformational than Middle School. Academic concepts combine with confidence-building to help students become students of the world. Students plot their academic path, choosing courses to cultivate their skills and interests.

We design our Middle School curriculum to prepare students for Upper School and future college admissions by teaching them essential independent learning skills.

  • Receive dedicated support from teachers who help your student achieve their goals
  • Navigate academic, social, and emotional development with available counseling resources and webinars
  • Identify and explore areas of interest through courses, clubs, and other activities
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Inspiring and challenging curriculum

In our highly personalized learning model, Middle School students select classes appealing to their interests and passions. Our course catalog offers a wide range of core courses, electives, micro-courses, world language programs, and more!

High-achieving students in our Middle School program have the opportunity to enroll in Upper School classes earning credit toward graduation. They may also become a National Junior Honor Society member.

World Language Programs

  • Expand language skills with interactive courses focused on reading, writing, and speaking
  • Increase understanding of cultural practices and perspectives
  • Choose from major world languages like Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Latin

Diverse Selection of Courses

  • Choose from a wide variety of core courses in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Health and Physical Education
  • Explore interest with electives and unique micro-courses
  • Enroll in Upper School courses for credit

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Receive school counseling support

Middle School students learn and practice skills helping them become better prepared and more productive online learners moving from grade level to grade level. The developmental counseling program meets Middle School students’ academic and social needs while introducing career and college pathways.

  • Receive ongoing academic, social, and emotional support from our counseling department
  • Participate in individual and small group webinars while exploring provided resources
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Watch your student thrive

Outside of coursework, students are encouraged to socialize and interact with their peers through participation in a wide selection of clubs connected to fitness, photography, science, technology, music, and more.

Clubs and Activities

Our lively student community includes clubs, virtual field trips, and a private social network where students worldwide can connect and make lifelong friends.

Guest Speakers

Remarkable people from around the world share their inspirational stories during virtual presentations and discussions.

Ready to get started?

Our Middle School program prepares your student for success now—and for life.

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Middle School FAQs