Middle School

A Customizable Program for
Academic Success

During these transformative years, it’s important that we focus on building self-esteem and laying the groundwork for success in Upper School. Students in the online Middle School program have the opportunity to develop their time management skills further as they progress into more independent learners.

A Curriculum That Supports Self Discovery

Our online Middle School program offers students the option to accelerate and prepare for the rigors of Upper School. Students can take high school level courses and earn credit if they meet prerequisites.

At this level, we offer an age-specific counseling program that meets students’ academic and social needs, introducing career and college pathways as appropriate.

Key Middle School Benefits


Laurel Springs offers more than 30 online clubs for students to explore and discover their passions. Through regular meetings and gatherings in virtual classrooms, our clubs offer a relaxed, enjoyable experience led by a faculty or staff member who shares the students’ interest in the topic.

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Community of
Global Learners

Laurel Springs School students are actively involved in a variety of extracurricular organizations and events, such as Model UN, National Honor Society and Junior Honor Society, and benefit from their exposure to a diverse group of peers, representing more than 100 countries, through virtual field trips, in-person events around the world, and starting in grade 7, a private social network.

Learn About Student Life
Prepare for
Upper School

To prepare for upper school, 8th graders receive academic and college guidance to ensure they are on track to achieve their post-secondary goals, including a personalized upper school academic plan.

The Laurel Springs middle school program encourages students to stretch themselves in new ways as they strengthen basic skills and prepare for upper school.

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Advanced Options for
Distinguished Students

The Academy at Laurel Springs

The Academy is a selective online learning program for distinguished scholars in grades 6-12 that offers a personalized curriculum built around each student’s interests, talents, and passions which fosters success in today’s dynamic, global landscape.

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