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    Laurel Springs' private online education transcends traditional brick-and-mortar offerings. We intertwine academic rigor with personalized guidance, ensuring your child not only thrives academically but also develops the essential life skills and self-assurance for success in college and beyond. Guided by our expert faculty, your student will discover an education designed to break barriers and exceed expectations.
    Laurel Springs School’s private online school will equip your child with the knowledge, skills, and tools to grow and succeed

    Full-Time Tuition at Laurel Springs School

    Laurel Springs delivers more than premium education; we offer transformative experiences that nurture creativity, foster experiential learning, and lay the foundation for a lifetime of achievement.

    Our comprehensive tuition model is built around your child's unique needs and ambitions. It not only offers the flexibility to handpick courses from our extensive K-12 roster but also includes honors, AP courses, 90+ electives, exclusive music lessons via Forte, and a Dual Enrollment opportunity in partnership with Syracuse and Baylor Universities.

    Beyond our core academic framework, The Academy at Laurel Springs is designed for driven and talented learners in grades 6-12. At The Academy, students are immersed in an accredited college-prep curriculum that propels them towards success in higher education, their chosen career paths, and life itself.


    Learn More About The Academy

    Grade Level Year-Long Tuition Semester Tuition
    High School (Grades 9-12) $9,900 $5,500
    Middle School (Grades 6-8) $7,300 $4,700
    Elementary School (Grades K-5) $5,200 $3,600
    Academy High School (Grades 9-12) $15,700 $8,800
    Academy Middle School (Grades 6-8) $11,500 $6,800

    Part-time enrollment for K–12

    In addition to our full-time program, Laurel Springs offers part-time online private education to students from every corner of the world. Whether it's to augment their ongoing studies, tackle advanced subjects, or get a head start, our courses cater to every part-time student's ambition. Furthermore, High school students have access to a range of AP Courses, enabling them to secure both high school and university credits on their own time.

    K-5 (Elementary School) Part-time Pricing
    Year-long Courses Semester-long Courses
    Core Courses, World Language, and Electives $1,000 $750
    P.E. and Health $450 $250
    6-8 (Middle School) Part-time Pricing
    Year-long Courses Semester-long Courses
    Core Courses, World Language, and Electives $1,200 $900
    P.E. and Health $500 $300
    9-12 (High School) Part-time Pricing
    Year-long Courses Semester Courses
    College Prep, Honors, Electives, Science, and World Language $1,400 $1,150
    Advanced Placement (AP) $2,000 $1,400
    P.E. and Health $700 $500
    Seminar $750

    For additional questions regarding enrolling part-time, or to discuss our semester pricing, please connect with your dedicated admissions coordinator.

    Benefits of Full-Time Enrollment


    Why Laurel Springs?

    With our flexible and supportive learning approach, students across the world discover an online educational environment that allows them to prioritize their academics and external passions equally.

    rigorous curriculum

    Rigorous Curriculum


    flexible scheduling

    Flexible Scheduling


    Collegiate Preparation

    Collegiate Preparation


    parental support

    Parental Support


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