Laurel Springs School’s private online school will equip your child with the knowledge, skills, and tools to grow and succeed in college, career, and life. With reliable, dedicated faculty there to guide your family every step of the way, your student will receive a priceless and limitless education.

The Class of 2022’s payoff

  • $8.2M

    $8.2M in reported scholarships received by the Class of 2022

  • $62K+

    $62K+ was the average scholarship total per Class of 2022 graduate

  • $1.04M

    $1.04M The Academy Class of 2022 reported receiving an average of $86.3K+ in scholarships per student

  • 92.5%

    92.5% of graduating students are college-bound

  • 76%

    Class of 2022 Graduates were offered admission to 76% of U.S. News and World Report Top 50 Schools

Find the Class of 2022 at these Ivy League Schools and Top 50 Colleges and Universities

Brown University Columbia University Cornell University
Dartmouth College Harvard University Boston College
Boston University California Institute of Technology Carnegie Mellon University
Case Western Reserve University Duke University Emory University
Georgetown University Georgia Institute of Technology Lehigh University
New York University Northeastern University Northwestern University
Ohio State University Pepperdine University Purdue University
Rice University Stanford University The University of Texas at Austin
University of California University of Florida University of Georgia
University of Illinois at Urbana University of Michigan University of Rochester
University of Southern California University of Virginia University of Wisconsin
Wake Forest University William & Mary  

Partnering with parents for student success

Larry Manson, Parent of Olivia Manson, The Academy at Laurel Springs, Class of 2024, Tennis Athlete

Olivia Manson, competitive tennis-athlete, and her father, Larry, travel frequently to competitions across the nation. Laurel Springs’ flexible, rigorous academic program, The Academy, allows Olivia to learn on the road while preparing her for college admission and NCAA eligibility.


The verdict from Laurel Springs’ parents

  • 87%

    87% of parents are satisfied with their experience at Laurel Springs School

  • 80%

    80% of parents choose Laurel Springs because of our accreditation with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and Cognia

  • 77%

    77% of parents love the ease of viewing their student's grades and teacher feedback

  • 66%

    66% of parents choose Laurel Springs because of our curriculum quality and offerings

testimonial Mckenzie Holmes

My Laurel Springs student government experience is invaluable when working in on-the-job training, helping interns, and even in just interacting with coworkers. I also remember, during my time as the student government president, brainstorming what initiatives we could engage the student body in. Currently, I work in the Communications Department at my organizations, and we often have similar conversations on what we call bracketing for campaigns.”

McKenzie Holmes, Class of 2017

Texas Women’s University, B.A., Academic Fellow at The Heritage Foundation | Career: Author and Communications Specialist

Why Laurel Springs?

For more than 30 years, Laurel Springs has prepared K-12 students for lifelong success. With our mastery-based, self-paced learning approach, students accomplish their academic and personal goals.

rigorous curriculum

Rigorous Curriculum


flexible scheduling

Flexible Scheduling


Collegiate Preparation

Collegiate Preparation


parental support

Parental Support


Full-Time Tuition

Our full-time bundled tuition rates for the 2022–2023 school year are listed below.

Full-time Tuition: Grades K-12

Full-time students benefit from mastery-based courses, access to credentialed academic counselors, and the opportunity to engage in the social community via clubs, field trips, annual virtual events, and more. Laurel Springs also provides virtual live support, newsletters, counseling lessons and activities, webinars, and parent events.

Grade Level Semester Full Year
Lower School $3,000 $5,000
Middle School $4,000 $7,000
Upper School $5,250 $9,500

The Academy Tuition: Grades 6-12

The Academy at Laurel Springs is an academic program for distinguished scholars in grades 6-12 who are driven by a passion for learning. The Academy at Laurel Springs reimagines the “gifted and talented” nomenclature to include highly intellectually curious and driven students. This selective college-prep program is designed to inspire and challenge students, preparing them and their like-minded peers to meet their personal and academic goals in higher education, future career plans, and beyond. Eligible students also have the opportunity to participate in the AP Capstone Diploma™ Program and Dual Enrollment.

The Academy only accepts full-time students for semester or full-year enrollments. Middle School Academy students may take two high school level courses during their enrollment with no additional fees.

Grade Level Semester Full Year
Middle School $6,000 $11,000
Upper School $8,000 $15,000

Part-Time K-12 Tuition

Laurel Springs School offers part-time and full-time online school programs and tuition options for students worldwide. Part-time students may take one or two online courses with us while attending another school. These can be lower school, middle school, or upper school courses to supplement a student’s current studies or work ahead. Upper school students can also take AP Courses earning both high school and university credit from anywhere with an internet connection.

All prices shown are per course unless otherwise noted.

Part-time Lower School Tuition: Grades K-5

  Semester Full Year
Core Courses
World Languages
$700 $950
P.E. $200 $400

Part-time Middle School Tuition: Grades 6-8

  Semester Full Year
Core Courses
World Languages
$800 $1,100
Health & P.E. $240 $440

Part-time Upper School Tuition: Grades 9-12

Upper school part-time tuition is priced per course, for one semester or the full year. Tuition includes full enrollment, all course materials, syllabi, teacher services, semester evaluation, and a transcript.

  Semester Full Year
College Prep & Electives $850 $1,250
Honors, Science, World Languages $1,000 $1,450
P.E. $400 $600
Advanced Placement $1,275 $1,875

Tuition Discounts and Payment Options

  • Payment options include 0% interest plans with a down payment.
  • Discounts are available on tuition when paid in full.
  • We provide loyalty discounts to returning families as well as discounts for enrolling students’ siblings.
  • We honor our military with a 10% discount for military families.
  • Discounts offered with affiliation to select partners. Please contact an Admissions Coordinator for more information.

Additional Fees

  • $300 annual registration fee for full-time students.
  • $150 annual registration fee for part-time students.
  • Additional fees may apply for AP and Honors courses.
  • $350 matriculation service fee for incoming high school seniors.

Ready to invest in your child’s future?

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