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The Academy at Laurel Springs prepares curious, driven, and talented learners in grades 6-12 for success in higher education, career plans, and life with an accredited, premier college-prep curriculum.
Collegiate Success

How the Academy Class of 2022 Stacked Up

  • 100%

    of the Class of 2022 Academy graduates are college-bound

  • $1M

    The Academy Class of 2022 reported receiving $1M in scholarships

  • 79%

    of Class of 2022 graduates who applied were offered admission to their first-choice school

  • 76%

    Class of 2022 graduates were offered admission to 76% of U.S. News and World Report's Top 50 schools

The Academy Advantage

College preparation

With an engaging and rigorous college-prep curriculum, as well as Academy-specific learning experiences, students explore more than 230 college prep and more than 60 AP and Honors courses to prepare them for college admission to their first-choice school.

Starting in 9th grade, students in the Academy may participate in Laurel Springs’ dual enrollment program through partnerships with Baylor University and Syracuse University, preparing Academy students to embark on their college careers.

Exclusive opportunities

Academy students have access to unique and exclusive learning opportunities. Alongside reading assignments, video lectures, and interactive problem sets with built-in comprehension quizzes, essays, and tests, students enjoy our lively academic opportunities such as Symposium, Yearly Seminars, and 20+ Weekly Workshops.
  • Symposium is a discussion-based course during which students hear from expert guest speakers and participate in a Q&A session.
  • Yearly Seminar is a yearly grade-level specific course to support students with their post-graduate plans and goals.
  • Weekly Workshops are real-time weekly meetings in select Middle and Upper School courses for students and their instructors to gather to negotiate understanding, challenge assumptions, and problem-solve.

Personalized programming

Academy scholars receive a stimulating education built around their interests, talents, and passions. Academy courses are mastery-based with self-paced and live learning options, giving these intrepid scholars the freedom to choose learning experiences that fit their busy schedules.

Academy teachers

Academy teachers are specially trained to meet the unique needs of our students. One hundred percent of them hold advanced degrees and provide students with individualized authentic feedback.

College counselors

Academy college counselors support students with college and career planning. Academy counselors have significantly smaller caseloads allowing students to receive a completely personalized counseling experience.
Laurel Springs Alumni Elijah Dourado

The Academy at Laurel Springs helped me achieve my dreams. What I would look back at, when I’m a senator, is how my teachers always pushed me to go the extra mile. That’s what Laurel Springs helped me with—going the extra mile and doing the hard work."

Elijah Dourado - The Academy at Laurel Springs, Class of 2022

Carnegie Mellon University

Admissions Process FAQs

  • How do I enroll my student in the Academy?

    Simply fill out an application. An admissions coordinator will reach out shortly.

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  • Is the Academy a gifted and talented program?

    The Academy at Laurel Springs meets the academic and social-emotional needs of gifted students as well as students who are highly intellectual, curious, and driven by a passion for learning. Our advanced curriculum allows gifted and non-gifted learners to deep dive into subjects they excel in and learn and master subjects at their own pace, however we do not test for giftedness as The Academy is not a gifted and talented program.
  • What is a gifted program?

    Gifted programs provide select K-12 students, also known as gifted learners, with an enriching and accelerated academic program to cater to their intellect and unique needs.
  • What is the definition of a gifted learner?

    If your child excels in a subject, feels like their coursework is unchallenging, or they comprehend subjects faster than their peers, they may be a gifted learner. Gifted learners are often driven, curious, and talented. These students come from all kinds of backgrounds. Gifted students can be talented in a certain subject area or have a multitude of abilities; they often have unique academic needs that aren't fulfilled in the traditional classroom. Giftedness is often identified through a series of assessments using qualitative and quantitative measures. The Academy at Laurel Springs does not provide gifted testing.
  • Is the Academy only for gifted learners?

    Nope! The Academy is open to select distinguished scholars. Our students are also academic wizzes, artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, leaders, and, most importantly, ambitious and passionate individuals.
  • Does the Academy offer NCAA-approved courses for student-athletes?

    Yes. We offer NCAA-approved courses.

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