Recruiting for college athletes begins in high school and is highly competitive. Pursuing NCAA eligibility is an essential step to playing sports in college and requires careful planning.

  • NCAA-Approved

    160+ NCAA-approved courses
  • College-Prep

    230+ college-prep courses preparing students for the rigours of college
  • Dedicated Support

    Academic counselors offer guidance on NCAA eligibility and meeting academic requirements
  • Quality Education

    Students routinely achieve SAT and ACT test scores higher than the national average

Flexibility to Get From the Field—or Pitch, or Court, or Course—to the Online Classroom

In addition to offering more than 160 NCAA-approved courses, Laurel Springs provides assistance, support, and a continuous internal review process for college-bound student-athletes. Our academic year consists of two, five-month semesters, providing students the flexibility they require for individual coaching, tournaments, and travel.

Fully Accredited

Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and Cognia, we meet the highest standards of academic excellence.

Rolling Admissions

Your student-athlete can start their courses at almost any date throughout the year, making our program one of the most flexible options.

Affordable Tuition

Tuition payment plans make private school education affordable.

Fast-Track your future in college athletics

Colleges have more than eight million high school athletes from which to choose. If you’re hoping to gain the attention of college recruiters, you'll need to do more than just play at a competitive level. As the pioneering first online school in the U.S., with nearly 30 years in the field of distance learning, our personalized online curriculum allows college-bound student-athletes to learn at their own pace. We engage global learners in an education that values them as individuals, integrates their passions and pursuits into academic and career pathways, and fosters inquiry, growth, mastery, purpose, and independence. Our self-paced, mastery-based instructional model allows students to revisit material until they achieve the desired level of proficiency before moving on to the next level. Additionally, our personalized learning experience recognizes each student’s unique strengths and needs to empower curiosity through a stimulating curriculum and opportunities for interaction with peers and teachers.

Laurel Springs qualifies as an NCAA-approved education program

The NCAA considers Laurel Springs a nontraditional education program. Laurel Springs meets NCAA eligibility requirements for these programs, including:

Course Rigor

All Laurel Springs core courses are four-year college preparatory courses certified by various accrediting organizations. More than 160 of our courses meet the course requirements of the NCAA.

Defined Time Period

Laurel Springs lists all courses per semester on the transcript, and NCAA knows we offer five and 10-month enrollment periods.

Ongoing Access

Laurel Springs offers regular and ongoing teacher-initiated interaction for teaching, evaluating, and providing assistance, which may include emails, online chats, phone calls, meaningful feedback on assignments, LSS Live, teacher office hours, iClasses, and the opportunity for the teacher to engage the student in learning.

A female teenage soccer goalie holding the ball.  NCAA-approved courses for elite high school athletes

Laurel Springs freed me up in a way I didn’t realize could be done with school,” Spencer says. “I think—more than anything—it gave me the reins to take ownership over my education, taking pressure off school and shifting accountability to me.”

Spencer Bozsik,

Laurel Springs School Alumni

For student-athletes considering collegiate athletics, it takes a team effort

Our team of school counselors works closely with our student-athletes, parents, and placement management team to help guide students with ambitions to play the sport they love in college. All full-time students at Laurel Springs School have access to the counseling team’s resources with goal-setting, time management, skills development, and college and career planning.

In addition, student-athletes are also offered valuable guidance on NCAA eligibility and staying on track for meeting academic requirements, as well as resources specific to their unique search for the opportunity to play their sport at the college level from our placement management team.

male teenager in a black shirt holding a soccer ball on a sunny day

I started contact with my college counselor my freshman year, and I had already planned my AP courses for the rest of my high school career as well as becoming an eligible NCAA D1 and D2 athlete.”

Olivia Manson

Evert Tennis Academy Florida

Taking his NCAA Division I tennis dreams to the top

Independence and tenacity are must-haves to succeed in tennis, and Andrew Meier has both. Find out how his time at Laurel Springs helped him realize his future at Indiana University.

Andrew Meier prepares to serve in a tennis match.  Laurel Springs School offers NCAA-approved courses for elite high school athletes.

How the Laurel Springs Class of 2021 Stacked Up

With more than 4,500 graduates, Laurel Springs is the school of choice for student-athletes who wish to grow and excel academically and personally while maintaining a flexible schedule allowing them to prepare for an NCAA Division I or II school.

  • 71%

    of students who applied were offered admission to their first-choice school

  • 59%

    Graduates were accepted at 59% of NCAA Division I Schools

  • 76%

    Graduates were offered admission to 76% of U.S. News and World Report's Top 50 Schools.

  • $17.2M

    Earned Merit Scholarships

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