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    How to enroll in Laurel Springs School

    With rolling admissions options, you can enroll in our Lower, Middle, Upper, and Academy programs nearly any time.

    How to enroll in Laurel Spring School
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      Fill out our online application

      Complete our easy, online application. Once submitted, we'll get in touch.
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      Let's get to know each other

      You'll be assigned an admissions coordinator who will speak with you to understand your children's needs and review information about our programs and courses.
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      We'll look at your transcripts and records

      We will review any official and unofficial records from your children's previous school. Students entering grades 9 through 11 will need to send official transcripts to confirm course schedules. Students entering grade 12 are required to provide official transcripts prior to enrollment. Report cards from the prior academic year are required for students enrolling in kindergarten through grade 8.

      Complete the Request for Student Records form and send it to your children's previous schools.
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      Receive your personalized course schedule

      Our placement counselors will create a course schedule just for your children.
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      Pay tuition

      When your registration fee, tuition payment, and signed Enrollment Agreement have been received, we'll send you a welcome letter and assign your child's teachers.
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      Start learning—when you're ready

      You and your student will receive access to our learning management system (LMS). Students may begin the coursework as soon as they are logged in to the LMS.
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    Virtual Open House

    Learn more about our approach to flexible, top-tier education, how online learning works, student life at Laurel Springs, and so much more.
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    Admissions Process FAQs

    • What are rolling admissions?

      Rolling admission means, with few exceptions, there is no hard deadline for full-time student applications. We evaluate applications as they are sent to us. This means new students can apply to Laurel Springs at any time.
    • What programs can I apply for at Laurel Springs?

    • Are there registration deadlines for the summer program?

      Yes. Our six-week and 12-week summer courses have specific registration dates to accommodate summer course start and end dates.

      Learn More About Summer Program

    • Do I need to send official transcripts to Laurel Springs?

      Students in grades 9-12 will need to send official transcripts from their previous school(s) for course placement. Students applying to enter grade 12 will need to send transcripts prior to enrollment.

      Complete the Request for Student Records form and send it to your children's previous schools.

    • Does Laurel Springs accept international students?

      Yes. International students can apply to Laurel Springs. Our flexible approach to learning allows us to easily adapt to world-wide time zones so students anywhere can receive a premier education.

    • Do you offer single courses?

      Yes. Part-time students may enroll in a wide variety of single courses to supplement their current schooling.

    • What is the Laurel Springs Enrollment Agreement?

      The Laurel Springs Enrollment Agreement is intended to make our partnership with our families clear and to set forth the policies governing this partnership.

    • How can I connect with the Laurel Springs admissions team?

      We'd love to chat with you. Fill out our Contact Us form and one of our Admissions Coordinators will be in touch. Or, give us a call at 866-890-6429.