Inspiring elementary students to become life-long learners

Laurel Springs provides a stimulating elementary school curriculum for kindergarten through grade 5. This powerful preparatory program encourages exploration, emotional growth, and academic excellence, all with the flexibility to fit school around your family's unique schedule.

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Our accredited Elementary School program provides a strong foundation for elementary students to discover the joy of learning.

Quick Facts
  • Who can apply?

    We accept elementary students in kindergarten through grade 5.
  • When can students enroll?

    Rolling admission allows most students to enroll at any time.
  • How much does it cost?

    Laurel Springs Elementary School tuition is $6,000 for a full year.
  • What time are classes?

    Students have access to the classroom 24/7, giving them the freedom to complete coursework at their pace.

The Elementary School Experience

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Set school on your family's schedule

Flexible start dates and a self-paced learning model allow families with elementary students to schedule classes and coursework to fit their unique lifestyles. Teachers collaborate with students and parents to create a personalized learning experience.
Our Education Model:
  • Inspires and nurtures your child's love for learning
  • Allows students to work on coursework at their own pace
  • Encourages students to explore their interests in and out of the classroom

Personalized Instruction

Our Elementary School program provides every child with a path to success tailored to their skills, talents, and abilities.

Set Your Start Date

Our self-paced model and rolling admissions allow you to select when your child starts the school year.

Learn from online teaching experts

Teachers specially trained in educating in an online environment provide students with sensory-stimulating experiences, nurturing their natural love for learning. Students discover topics through hands-on exploration and experimentation with attention to their learning styles.

Teachers work closely with children and parents to create an academic environment best suited for student success. They offer educational, social, and emotional support as students navigate elementary school while preparing for Middle School.
Our Teachers
  • Are uniquely qualified to interact with elementary students in an online environment
  • Provide progress updates and personal instruction for student success
  • Help students develop skills to prepare them for middle and upper grades
  • Know every student and family personally

Select courses from a diverse catalog

We designed our online education model to engage early-age learners with topics they can touch, talk about, and discover through daily activities. This accredited elementary school program encourages academic growth through exploration and experimentation and allows students to complete classes at their own pace.

Our curriculum includes core classes such as English, Science, Math, Social Studies, Physical Education, and Health. Beyond the basics, we seek to identify and celebrate your student's unique strengths through elective courses on topics such as cooking, coding, and prehistoric life so they can experience new ideas that may spark their future passion.
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Explore Talents and Interests

  • Introduce your student to new experiences through elective courses
  • Explore topics like outer space, cooking, and novel writing through micro-courses
  • Participate in extracurricular clubs catering to your child's interests

Learn a New Language

  • Start learning a language as early as kindergarten with courses designed for young children
  • Unique learning model includes games, songs, stories, and interactive activities
  • Choose from Spanish, Chinese, French, German, or Latin

Student support - 24/7

All Laurel Springs students will also now have access to 24-7 academic support with our new partner, provides live tutoring on its dedicated platform by highly-trained tutors for all K-12 grade levels and subject areas. Laurel Springs students will access from their portal and their courses, and they can drop in for on-demand help or schedule time with a tutor. For more information about, please check out this video.

Get involved with your child's learning

Laurel Springs believes students achieve success when parents are closely involved in their education. Parents serve as academic coaches to their young students, collaborating with teachers to provide a positive learning environment.

Elementary School Parents will:
  • Partner with teachers to provide academic, social, and emotional support to their children
  • Help guide their children through the online courses
  • Assist with assignments and learning

Watch your child thrive

We offer a wide selection of extracurricular clubs and activities, allowing like-minded young students to connect with peers about interests ranging from theater to pets to pen pals.

Get Connected

Clubs and Activities

Elementary kids can make lifelong friends in our wide variety of extracurricular clubs.

Virtual Field Trips

Hosts from National Geographic encourage your child to explore the world.

Ready to get started?

Give your children a solid academic foundation to grow and excel with our Elementary School.
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Elementary School FAQ

  • How do I enroll my student?

    Simply fill out an application. An admissions coordinator will reach out shortly.

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  • What elementary courses does Laurel Springs offer?

    We offer a wide variety of courses designed for young learners, including core courses, electives, and micro-courses.

    View Course Catalog
  • As a Parent, what is my role in my child's online education?

    Elementary students in kindergarten through grade 5 require a lot of support from their parents or academic coaches. Parents or academic coaches actively assist their children through online courses to ensure completed assignments.

    View Parent Resources
  • What are the technology requirements?

    Students need a standard laptop or desktop computer with Mac OS or Windows support, plus an up-to-date browser and access to high-speed internet. Some courses require speakers and a microphone, and some may require a printer and scanner access.

    View Technology Requirements
  • What grades are in Elementary School?

    The Laurel Springs accredited online elementary school program has courses available for:
    • Kindergarten
    • 1st grade
    • 2nd grade
    • 3rd grade
    • 4th grade
    • 5th grade