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Attend online private high school anytime, anywhere at Laurel Springs

Attend online private high school anytime, anywhere at Laurel Springs.

Class of 2023 Outcomes

  • 91%

    91% of students from the Class of 2023 are college-bound

  • 77%

    77% of our Class of 2023 graduates who applied to college were offered admission to their first-choice school

  • $10M+

    The Class of 2023 reported receiving $10.2M+ in scholarships. That's more than $95k per student.

  • 1 in 4

    More than 1/4 of graduates from The Academy were admitted to US colleges and universities with acceptance rates lower than 25%

  • 86%

    86% of students score a 3 or higher on AP exams

How Online Private High School at Laurel Springs Impacts Your Child

We want every Laurel Springs student to feel invigorated, engaged, and supported. This is why our online programming is immersive, designed to promote engagement, and delivered by experienced educators that have a sincere passion for their subject matter. Learn at a pace that suits you, foster a study environment that nurtures your strengths, and revisit lessons or reach out for individualized support at any time.

The High School Experience

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Set your schedule and pace

High School at Laurel Springs offers students a flexible and dynamic alternative to traditional learning environments – one that champions their academic and individual success equally. With an online learning framework and personalized support, students have the autonomy to fully dictate their academic journey and establish a pace that accommodates their external passions and pursuits.
Our Education Model:
  • Focuses on knowledge acquisition and application
  • Enables students to redo coursework and retake exams as needed to achieve their desired grades
  • Emphasizes critical thinking, time management, and independent scholarship
High School Course Catalog

Learning Management System

Learning at Laurel Springs is an immersive online experience characterized by a user-friendly interface, personalized resources, interactive lessons and modules, hands-on activities, real-time support from teachers, and peer relationship-building opportunities.
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Personalized Learning Plan

We design our curriculum with our students in mind, and every student benefits from personalized guidance and support from our academic coordinators and counselors – ensuring a tailored and advantageous academic journey.
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Prepare for college

We are committed to equipping high school students with the academic mastery and social-emotional skills necessary for post-secondary success. Teachers and counselors work collaboratively with each family to make sure students are ready for college-level academic rigor.
Colleges Our Alumni Attended
  • Develop advanced critical thinking, writing, and reading skills through the High School curriculum
  • Enroll in college-level courses to further stimulate and challenge your mind
  • Interact with a global community of peers who share similar interests and passions

World Language Programs

  • Enhance understanding of world languages through focused studies in conversation, culture, and comprehension
  • Choose from American Sign Language (ASL), Chinese, French, German, Latin, and Spanish
  • Embark on a school-sponsored international trip to put your world language skills into practice

Extensive Course Selection

  • Choose from more than 200 college-prep courses
  • Earn college credit through 20+ AP courses and dual-enrollment offerings
  • Select from a list of nearly 100 electives and uniquely designed micro-courses that allow you to deep dive into areas of interest

24/7 Student Support

All Laurel Springs students can now enjoy 24/7 academic support through our partnership with Available for all K-12 students and across all subjects, facilitates live tutoring sessions conducted by highly-skilled and trained tutors. As a Laurel Springs student, you can conveniently access through your portal and courses, giving you the option to request on-demand help or schedule time with a tutor in advance.

For more information about, please watch this video.

Receive guidance from counselors

College counselors play a crucial role in keeping students focused and on track for post-secondary goals, college admission, and graduation. Counselors assist students with college research and preparation, including standardized testing information, college essay coaching, writing letters of recommendation, and providing financial aid and scholarship education and resources. Social, emotional, and personal counseling curriculum and services are provided across grade levels to support student's overall growth and development.

School Counseling Benefits
  • Curriculum and services are delivered through grade level specific Seminar courses, Naviance, one-on-one meetings with the College Counselor, and webinars
  • College-bound student-athletes receive guidance focused on NCAA eligibility, amateurism, recruitment, and balancing academics with athletics

Get the Most Out of Student Life

We believe learning extends far beyond the classroom. From creative and performance-based clubs to equestrian, coding, astronomy, and Dungeon and Dragons, there’s something for every student at Laurel Springs. Furthermore, virtual field trips, international travel opportunities and a private social network encourage continued learning and community.

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Clubs and Activities

Students can participate in our vibrant social community, including clubs, virtual field trips, and a private social network.
Clubs and Activities

International Travel Opportunities

Annual International travel opportunities include service-learning and leadership experiences.

Who Thrives Here

Laurel Springs' online program helps students grow and excel academically and personally. Our innovative and flexible approach enables students to adapt their schedules to outside interests and passions.

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Accelerated Learners

Laurel Springs Performing Artists

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Performing Artists

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STEM Students

STEM Students

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See how far your students can go when given the freedom to pursue what they love.
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High School FAQ

  • How do I enroll my student in Laurel Springs’ High School program?

    Simply fill out an application. An admissions coordinator will reach out shortly.

    View Admissions Process

  • What high school courses are offered?

    We offer more than 200 college-prep courses, including unique elective options, Advanced Placement courses, honors courses, and dual enrollment offerings.

    View High School Course Catalog
  • Do you offer NCAA-approved summer courses for student-athletes?

    Yes, Laurel Springs does offer NCAA-approved summer courses! When viewing a course catalog, click “Learn More” on the specific course that you’re interested in. At the base of the Course Details table, you will see whether or not the course is NCAA-approved.
  • As a parent, what is my role in my child's online education

    You play a supporting role in your child's academics. High school students create and act on their schedules with minimal guidance from you.

    Parent resources include Observer accounts to monitor your child's learning progress and access to Naviance for observing your child's college plans. We also encourage you to regularly connect with your child's counselor and teachers.

    View Parent Resources
  • Do you have prom and other school events?

    Yes! Throughout the year, students can participate in in-person and virtual field trips. And, at the end of the traditional academic year, we host our Annual Year-End Celebrations, a three-day event including prom, graduation, and an alumni reunion.

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