Clubs and Activities

Where Students Form Lasting Bonds

Found at the heart of our virtual campus is a vibrant, social community composed of clubs, virtual field trips, and a private social network. Together, these provide dynamic opportunities that cater to the interests of the students within our academic community.

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Explore Our Online Clubs

Laurel Springs offers more than 30 online clubs for students to explore and discover their passions. Through regular meetings and gatherings in virtual classrooms, our clubs offer a relaxed, enjoyable experience led by a faculty or staff member who shares the students’ interest in the topic.

Our clubs help deepen student relationships and offer them the opportunity to collaborate and socialize.

Creative & Performance

Art Club: Middle School
Art Club: Upper School
Book Club: Middle School
Book Club: Upper School
Budding Artists Club
Creative Computing
Creative Writing, Poetry, and Photography Club: Middle School
Creative Writing, Poetry, and Photography Club: Upper School
Drama and Student Performers Club: Middle School
Drama and Student Performers Club: Upper School
Film Production & Screenwriting
Music Appreciation Hangout
Read, Write, and Share Club
Readers Theatre Club
Yearbook Club: Upper School

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness U-Fit Club: Lower and Middle School
Mindfulness & Meditation Place
Varsity Sports U-Fit Club: Upper School


Debate Club: Upper School
Model United Nations
National Honor Society*
National Junior Honors Society*
Student Ambassadors Program
Student Government

Language and Travel

French Club
Sign Language Club
Travel and Tourism Club

Shared Interests

Animal and Pet Club
Equestrian Club
Music Appreciation Club


Astronomy Club
Coding Hangout
Dungeon and Dragons Hangout
Environmental Club: Lower and Middle School
Environmental Club: Upper School
eSports Hangout
Little STEM Gems Club
Math Team: Middle School
Math Team: Upper School
Math Team: Varsity

The World Is at Your Fingertips

Offered throughout the school year, students and LSS faculty join hosts from National Geographic, Learn Around the World, Exploring By the Seat of Your Pants, and others as they experience global discoveries in real time.

Where have we been so far? Students have entered the Rising Star Caves of South Africa, hunted hurricanes with NOAA scientists, scaled a volcano in Guatemala, and chased after penguins in Antarctica.

Are You In? Join Our Private Social Network

Beginning in 7th grade, Laurel Springs offers its students the opportunity to collaborate and make friends in a secure social network environment. Within this private social network, students can:

  • Participate in online clubs and make new friends across the country and world
  • Pair up with study buddies and find support with coursework
  • Share their thoughts, feelings, and creativity through blogs, forums, and discussion threads

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