Celebrating World Health Day with the Scrubs Club


world health dayOn April 7, the world celebrates Health. That may sound strange after a year of a global pandemic, but it’s also more important than ever to bring awareness to certain health issues and those fighting on the front lines to help protect us. In past years, World Health Day themes have centered around mental health, child care, and climate change—all topics that cast a worldwide net. The World Health Organization hopes any celebration extends beyond this one day and “serves as an opportunity to focus worldwide attention on these important aspects of global health.”

This year, in celebration of World Health Day, we’d like to focus our attention on a Laurel Springs organization that also creates awareness of certain health issues. The Scrubs Club is open to full-time Laurel Springs students in grades 7-12. Members research, explore, and discuss the health industry, health professions, and all topics related to medical professions at home and around the world. We recently heard from some members about their experiences in the club and how they’re currently focusing on health. 

Ensuring a Healthy Future

This past year has been eye-opening to just how essential healthcare workers are. This fact is not lost on the younger generations. In fact, it only inspires them to thank and celebrate medical professions and pursue a career in the medical field. The Laurel Springs Scrubs Club is one outlet for these motivated students to thrive. 

Grade 8 student, Mika Higginbotham, has been part of the club for about six months. “I chose to join because I aspire to become a doctor...either a pediatrician or a radiologist and I thought that this club would help me along in my journey into the medical industry.” Logging into club meetings excites Mika because she knows she’s about to learn something new, watch an interesting video, and participate in group discussions within this inclusive environment. 

“Being able to help people every day is something that motivates me to work in the health industry.” Mika adds. “The pandemic has helped me learn how hard people in the medical field are working to save people’s lives. This is why I want to become a doctor, so that I can save lives too.”

Iona Hutton is another grade 8 student in the Scrubs Club. This is her first year at LSS and she says she jumped right into the club because, “I am very eager to learn more on the human body and I am aiming to establish a career in Medicine [possibly neuroanatomy, radiology, or dermatology].” One thing she looks forward to is when a club member or volunteer presents on a special topic of interest. “It is very insightful to see what they find is interesting as well as facts that many don’t know. I also enjoy how in each meeting there are a few YouTube videos or diagrams that further explain the career or subject.”

Celebrating Today

So how will members of the Scrubs Club celebrate World Health Day? “I think that celebrating World Health Day is just the right way to help spread information about how our frontline workers and other people are contributing to helping to keep our world healthy and safe,” says Mika. “I have so many ideas of how to celebrate World Health Day, but I mainly do crafts that promote a certain cause.”

Like the WHO suggests, celebrations should continue throughout the week, month, and years to come as new advancements in medicine are discovered. The Scrubs Club is certainly doing their part to see this come to fruition.

“I am so glad that I joined Scrubs Club because this club gives me and the other members an insight of the medical field and digs deeper into health, medicine, the mind, and the human body, like no school of mine has ever done before,” Mika says. “Even if you aren’t looking to be in the medical industry, this club is still a great way to expand your horizons and learn meaningful information! Because of this club, I bet we will have lots of great health care workers in our future.”

More Meaningful Clubs

You don’t have to be interested in medicine to join a Laurel Springs club. All full-time students from grades K-12 are encouraged to join a group that helps spark their imagination and motivation to connect with others in our global community. Contact clubs@laurelsprings.com to learn more about what clubs are currently available.