Club Spotlight: Celebrating Photographer Appreciation Month


Who else can capture a moment and make it last forever? October is Photographer Appreciation Month, when we celebrate all the smiles, landscapes, memories, and events captured with a click. Some of the best ways to take part in this month’s festivities are to look back over the photos you’ve taken. Whether they’re hanging on your wall, organized in albums, or stored in your phone, take a moment to reminisce over the selfies, pet portraits, giggling children, and amazing meals you’ve decided to document. Now that the leaves are changing, it’s also a wonderful time to get outside and take some new shots. Hiring a professional photographer helps feature your best side, or you can sharpen your own photography skills

Laurel Springs Students Take Their Best Shot

The love of photography can spark at any age. Now that it’s so accessible with mobile devices, kids are used to having a lens around to catch countless moments. For full-time Laurel Springs students in grade K-8, any budding photographer is encouraged to join the Photography Club. Here they learn to hone their creative eye when looking through the camera lens. More technical topics—such as framing and cropping—are reviewed as members discuss well-known photographers, expand their creativity, and of course share their favorite images. One submission from each active member also appears in the annual Vision and Voices magazine. According to club advisor, Lizette Daniel, some of the most popular pics are of pets and animals. Her love of photography inspired her to join the group about a year ago, and she’s been enjoying sharing pictures with student club members ever since. 

A Club for Every Passion

In addition to the Photography Club, Laurel Springs offers over 30 groups for full-time students to join. From Art to Yearbook, there’s something for everyone in every grade. All of the clubs have a teacher advisor but are basically run by the students. Student leaders are chosen to help facilitate live meetings online. Clubs are another example of how Laurel Springs strives to keep students engaged. Online socialization is not only an important part of providing a well-rounded education, but also helps students connect with peers all over the world. To learn more about what clubs are available and how students can join, contact