Day in the Life of the Mathews Family



Waking up on a beautiful San Diego morning to stroll the grounds of a horse farm sounds like a dream. For the Mathews family, it’s their everyday life. Jessica is mom to Laurel Springs 11th grader, Kate, and they recently took over our Instagram account to give us a peek into their daily, dreamy lives. 

Morning at the Mathews Farm

Anyone who’s ever lived on a farm knows that morning starts early! There’s a lot to do when you’re taking care of animals, especially when you’re getting ready for an event. As an experienced equestrian, Kate started her day prepping and packing for an upcoming Dressage show in Florida. Luckily, as a Laurel Springs student, she has the flexibility to schedule school around riding, traveling, and everything in between. Speaking of school, Kate’s morning also includes independent studies before heading back outside for more horsing around. 

Elite Equestrian and Academic

Most of the afternoon is set aside for work: working with her horse Soliere in the practice ring and working out with her personal trainer during fitness sessions. Being a competitive equestrian takes a lot of work, but that doesn’t stop Kate from working toward her academic goals. In fact, she’s challenging herself with AP classes and getting ready to start the Dual-Enrollment program with Baylor University. This program will help her prepare for higher education and set her apart from her peers when it comes time to apply for colleges. 

Finishing the Day Strong

Even with a full day of riding, studying, and exercising, Kate finishes out her day with a full workout to prepare for this year’s equestrian show season. While it looks like the Mathews family is living the life in sunny San Diego, their day is filled with equal parts fun, flexibility, and fierce competition. The life of an equestrian takes a lot of drive and dedication. The same rules apply for someone looking to advance their academic career. Laurel Springs caters to each of these aspects by offering Kate the opportunity to schedule her studies around her passions while challenging her to reach her full educational potential. 

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