Ensuring the Right Academic Fit: The Role of the Laurel Springs School Admissions Department


There are a multitude of elements families look for in an academic program when evaluating if it will be an appropriate fit for their child. Likewise, Laurel Springs School’s knowledgeable Admissions Coordinators use their expertise to evaluate a student’s unique situation in order to identify if an online learning program, like ours, will meet their individual needs.

In order to determine whether online learning will prove to be the ideal educational experience for a child, our admissions and education teams consider many factors. In addition to quantitative components like age and academic history, we must also understand what it is a family is looking for in a school. In other words, what initiated the conversation?

Is a family looking for a flexible program that allows them to explore other opportunities in their lives? Does a child require a curriculum that is more rigorous or a teacher who is committed to providing more authentic feedback than they receive in their current school? Our Admissions Coordinators go to great lengths to communicate with families, building a rapport that helps them fully understand their needs and if our partnership will result in the ultimate success of a child in both academic and personal capacities.

Once we’ve identified why a family is seeking an alternative to their current schooling, it is imperative that we discover a student’s readiness to succeed in an online learning environment. Often times, there is a correlation between the two.

For instance, the college-bound student determined to excel at the post-secondary level may feel an online program will be the most beneficial in allowing them to progress at their own pace. Other students wish to utilize an online program because it provides the flexibility that allows them to pursue non-academic interests like athletics or the performing arts. Laurel Springs also enrolls many students traveling abroad who find an online program to be the most essential and efficient way to gain acceptance to a college or university in the United States. These steadfast goals significantly impact a student’s motivation to be self-sufficient and implement the level of self-discipline needed to succeed in an online program.

In addition to introducing families to how our program works, our admissions team strives to alleviate any concerns prospective families may have by providing a detailed overview of the many resources available to families during a student’s enrollment. It’s crucial that families have an understanding of the numerous support systems, including their child’s teachers, counselors, and Student Services, all of which are dedicated to a student’s success and overall happiness.