How One LSS Club Celebrates All Heroes


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! On April 28th, it’s National Superhero Day! Not only was this day created to celebrate everyone’s favorite caped crusaders, but it’s also a time to recognize that not all heroes wear capes. Some wear scrubs, uniforms, badges, hardhats, and mom jeans. This past year, many everyday heroes stepped up to help during an unprecedented time. Delivery workers, grocery clerks, chefs, teachers, and stay-at-home parents all joined superhero status among the doctors, nurses, and first responders on the front lines of a pandemic. 

Who are Your Favorite Superheroes?

That’s what the Laurel Springs Superhero Club likes to discuss. The club is open to all full-time Laurel Springs K-12 students. Members explore the varying roles that superheroes play in all our lives. The first few meetings are for gushing over the favorite attributes of the timeless character heroes introduced through comics, television, film and the like. Then topics turn toward appreciation for the superheroes we experience in our everyday lives. At the end of the year, the club participates in a local or global volunteer project, either collectively or individually, to make a difference in the lives of others.

Autumn is in Grade 9 at Laurel Springs and co-founded this club two years ago. “I decided to create and join this club because of my love for comics and superheroes. I love talking about all stuff superheroes, whether it be movie or comic-related!” So what makes someone a superhero? “Being helpful and caring and looking out for others...not necessarily their powers because there are so many amazing superheroes that have no powers.” But if Autumn could have powers? “It would either be shadowkinesis (shadow powers) or cyrokinesis (ice and snow powers).” In “real-life,” Autumn classifies strength and kindness as some of her abilities and names Mom as a true superhero, “because she is always so kind and friendly even though she can be busy at times.”

One club member, Caiden, is in Grade 5 and likes collecting superhero comic books. Talking about superheroes and taking the various polls are favorite club activities. Caiden would classify a superhero as “someone who has a super power and uses it for good.” One example? “My dad...he is awesome because we have so much in common and his superpower is that he is always there for me no matter what.” If Caiden could have one superpower it would be invisibility, but he’ll settle for climbing as a distinguishing skill.

Another club member is Grade 4 student, Dyl'n, who joined a year ago because, “I wanted something fun to do because I watched [superhero shows] with my dad.” Dyl’n’s family members are also superheroes, “because they care for me and do everything for me in love.” As for Dyl’n’s superpowers? “Kindness…[and] being really fast like the flash because I could get everything done super fast!”

Having a Super Experience

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate Superhero Day, you could dress as your favorite character, watch a themed movie, and reach out to those in your community who could use a hero. If you’re looking for an outlet for your own passions, Laurel Springs has a wide variety of clubs to choose from. All full-time students from grades K-12 are encouraged to join a group that helps spark their imagination and motivation to connect with others in our global community. Contact to learn more about what clubs are currently available.